Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A World Lit by God

"I am the Way." said Jesus. (Jn. 14.6)

Lifting one's eyes to the One Who is above, above and above all,
     one sees Him inhabiting an eternal world of order,
          and purpose and fulfillment.

It is a world so different from the chaotic world of humankind.
     Man puts his world together with pieces,
          and it is always incomplete.

And yet there is within the soul of man a calling to find God's perfect world,
to find the fulfillment, the completion, of that world.
 In our world there is something which first saw light in the garden of Eden -
     an ignorance and insufferable pride,
          of man thinking he is capable of understanding God,
               of finding the way, 
                    of knowing the answers.

Men both in the world and in the church,
     get incredibly stupid ideas - 
          about how everything works,
               about what everything means. 

There are very few who sit down to question:
     Do I really know anything?
          Do I hear anything?
               Do I see anything?

Zacharias, the father of John Baptist says,
"The Dayspring from on high hath visited us." (Lk. 1.78) 
     Here is Light.
          Here is Life.
               Here is the Way.

It takes strength and courage,
     to question everything we see around us,
          to judge all things by the Bible alone,
               and to bring our own selves to the judgement bar.
                    It is far easier to live an unquestioning existence.

It takes strength to leave behind all that is unreal,
     to let go of all that is mere words and emotion -

Let us lift our eyes to a world lightened only by the Light of God.

    And there we will find the quickening life which flows from God.