Monday, April 8, 2019

The Blog ... and the Glory!

"Above the brightness of the sun." (Acts 26.13)

How can one put in words, in a blog, the sense of a Light beyond all light - a Light which is overwhelming?

All that can be done is to try to transmit a sense of the Impact,
     a sense of the Glory,
          a sense of the Eternal. 

Paul saw God's Light and the world around him became dark.
     All his learning,
          all his religion,
               all his endeavors,
                    all his religious works ...disappeared!
And Paul never, ever again, had to walk in the illumination of earthly light.

From the "Here" of our existence we cannot see the "There" of God.
     God must give to us a Revelation.
          He Himself must come to us as Light.

But sometimes we look for that Light in church, in books, in counseling, as if there we could find the answer to our life's questions.
The problem is that there are so many who seek to answer those questions,
and who speak of things which they do not know.

We treasure Christian biography, but Christian biography is the effort of a writer to trace the steps of another.
It is an effort to trace the  pathway of a life across the sands of time,
 - even when the footprints are half washed out by the waves.
Compounding the difficulty is the fact that the writer seeks 
     to interpret that Light from beyond,
          which illuminated all existence of the subject, 
               and which only he ever saw.

What shall we say of preacher's efforts to interpret Bible prophesy,
and to reduce the Word of God to "doctrine?"
     If, instead of swallowing it whole,
          we could look with childlike eyes,
               we would have to say, "The words don't help,
                    all is dark, and I need Light."

Titus 2.13 speaks of the "Blessed Hope and the Glorious appearing."
Look at  from a different perspective,
the "Blessed Hope and the Glory appearing to us."
The Glory has existed from all eternity in the heavens but there came a time when it became real to the prophets, and to Paul.

Let us look for the Light where the light dwells.
     Let us lift our eyes from the darkness which surrounds.
          God has a portion of Light, and Life and purpose, to make real to us.