Thursday, April 11, 2019

Easter ... Love

Was it the physical suffering, terrible as it was, which brought about Jesus' death?

Pilate, "marveled if He were already dead" (Mar. 15.44)- was it only physical?
"Came there out blood and water" (Jn. 19.34) - was it only physical?
     Or was it the separation from God which hastened death?

He had triumphed over the physical all throughout His ministry,
but on the cross He made "His soul an offering for sin". (Is. 53.10)
     Perfect offering.
          Perfect atonement.

He died for sin, and the sins of each of us had a part in His death. 
     What a weight of all that sin involved was there.
          What a death was there!

 But beyond it all, there came a third day of rising from the tomb.
     What a Life was there!

Who can comprehend the greatness of the Resurrection,
     the greatness of the Triumph,
          the greatness of the Salvation,
               which He brought in His Resurrection.

Through His death He triumphed over death,
     and through His Life we Live!

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