Thursday, August 16, 2018

In Spirit

"In Spirit"...(Jn.4.24)

What a phrase!

The Spirit of God brings us to worship. (Jn.4.24)
And the Spirit of God opens our eyes. (Rev. 1.10-12) 

"In Spirit" 
It speaks of another dimension - a dimension not of earth.
In the spiritual life the flesh profits nothing, the Spirit is everything.

Samson declared that if the Lord left him, he would "become weak, and be like any other man." (Ju.16.17)
God calls us to be different from men around- not in our own capacities but through the enduement of His Spirit upon us.

It is not easy to leave all behind...
     It is not easy to cease to be wrapped up in everything human.
          It is hard to see beyond ourselves and our human capabilities.

We limit our commitment to the restrictions of human reasoning.
     We limit our expectations to the same.
Our limits become the limits of all other earth-bound men, 
     and God is not present in our calculations.

It is not so much a leaving behind, 
as it is a reaching forth to another world, another Kingdom.

The end is not the emptying, the end is the filling.

How busy we get trying to put the future into the wineskins of the past!

But this realm of the Spirit is a place beyond all the human,
and beyond everything which springs from its own world of endeavours.

It is a  reaching out, a leaving behind, and a going beyond - 
     to the place where our only awareness is of God,
          a place where our inspiration is of God, 
               a place where our faith is God-given.

It is a place where the abilities of our lives are from God.

It is a coming into the Kingdom.

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