Friday, August 3, 2018

He Causes

"Causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak." (S.o.S. 7.9)

It is speaking here of the bride, but how true of God's quickening in His own.

How deep is His drawing.
How great is His quickening.
How infinite is the realm to which He carries the soul.

The Spanish Bible translates it "the lips of the aged."  
From what I understand it is neither sleep, nor years, that is referred to; 
these are but figures speaking of the incapacity to respond - 
a failing mind in a fading life.

But He quickens from the fading ... When He quickens 
    the sleep of decay falls off like a mantle, 
        and the world is new.

Why would we ever be content to settle for earth's poor vision, for earth's limited horizons.
He causes the impossible to melt away.

When He comes all the earthly ceases, and gives way to the dimension of heaven.
    In Him all the incomplete is made comlete.
        He quickens that which time has robbed.
            He brings again that which is no more.

The spiritual has other laws than the natural world and there is a resurrection of that which was lost - in whatever dimension and to whatever extent.

To His own He extends His promise, and He extends His power.
Let us reach for it.

There is, for us also, the going forth in the power of an endless life - "more and more unto the perfect day." (Pr. 4.18)

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