Sunday, June 24, 2018

"There is a Place"

There are times when truth lies beyond what words are able to explain.
There are things which must be known not by the mind but by the heart.

"The things of the Spirit of God ... are spiritually discerned" says the apostle 
(1 Cor 2.14)
Words cannot explain - they can only point the way.

When Moses saw God's glory he stood in a "place" where God appointed.

It is a very hard and yet a very simple thing that God sets before us.

It is a Choice ... 
     simple because the decision is simple,
          and hard because the decision is costly.

We cannot possess two worlds, and if we are to see and possess the realm where God dwells, we must leave behind the values and accoutrements that this world finds dear.

Again, beyond the processes of thought we must come to a place  where we believe God and rest ourselves in Him - a place where He Himself gives meaning to life.
In that place all is quickened with Life because He quickens all.

Faith and understanding and Life will not have to be sought because they flow from Him as water flows from a  spring.

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