Friday, June 29, 2018

The Few

Searching for reality ... 
     for an all-sufficient reality ...
          a Life giving reality ...
               an earth shaking reality.

As in Mt. 7.14 "Few there be that find it,"  - a happy few.

Aren't these words still true; and perhaps never more true than in our day of multiplied distractions?
We speak of the increase in knowledge and in science, but we account little of the multiplied means of distraction in our connected world.
What a trap is there for the child of God.
How easily time, and with it life, is stolen from us by these things. 

The reality of God is neither visible, nor fully understandable to the mind alone.

God is the Only Reality... to be sought and found - the Invisible ruling over the  visible - far beyond our religious exercises, and our fickle, baseless dreams.
'We grovel amongst trifles, and our spirits fret and toss'
And we tend to pursue all the unnecessary things, and none of the essential.

What a blessing, when we lose the trivialities of life, and are led to the well which springs up unceasingly to life eternal.

What a blessing, when beyond the processes of the mind, we are changed from glory to glory.

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