Sunday, December 10, 2017

"Thy Kingdom come...Deliver us"

“Thy Kingdom come…..Deliver us”

I find myself coming back to this prayer again, and again, and again.

The first petition of the Lord’s prayer is for a new world, God’s Kingdom... and the last petition is the cry for us to enter that new world.

Ever since the Fall,
   ever since Sin entered the world,
        ever since Destruction and Despair were unleashed,
This has been the cry of the world, the universe.
This is the cry of the ages and the groaning of creation...."Deliver us."

Rom. 8.19 creation waits...waits for the Sons of God to come into their own.

We all need God’s deliverance and without it we cannot advance.
Without God we can neither understand the measure of what has been lost, nor the measure of that which awaits.
It is a spiritual process, and we are too much of this world - too much affected by its thinking...its attractions...its fears.
And true freedom is unknown among us.

When we get free from outward entanglements we too often find ourselves entangled on the inside -
   unable to free ourselves from the cares, worries and frustrations of        mankind…
       unable to free ourselves  from our self-centered awareness of all that life entails.
Deliverance is an entering into a new realm, a place where one ceases to be conscious of limits.

As we see the impossibilities of self-deliverance, may God give us also to see the way of escape…
from the destruction of sin...
of sickness...
of darkness...
and of oneself.

May we see this great all-involving cry “deliver us,” as the only pathway to finding the freedom...
Here is the length, breadth and height of the Kingdom of  God.

May we cry that cry, and reach for that transforming deliverance.

May we see the limits of imprisonment taken away, and the dawning of a new day where the horizons of the Kingdom stretch far and far away.

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