Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Kingdom Power

Similar to the first commandment, which includes in its essence all the other commandments, the phrase “Thy Kingdom come” encloses all the rest of the Lord’s  prayer.

Years ago a man in Africa, a man of brilliant mind and outstanding achievements,  was converted.
As he met the reality of God, he expressed that dawn of awareness in the words, ”So, there really is a Kingdom.”
The rest of his life was lived in that reality until he was martyred for his faith by Idi Amin.

We each live in a kingdom… a kingdom which surrounds us.
We live, and play out our lives, either surrounded by the Kingdom of God, or the kingdom which belongs to this world and the enemy.

Someone once wrote a book about Alaska titled “Coming into the Country.”
In his book the author sought to explain a different land, a different climate, and a different class of people who lived there.
We as Christians are called to come into a country, a land, a Kingdom different from all that exists in this world around us.

God’s Kingdom shines brighter against the backdrop of a world whose kingdom is degenerate and corrupted in all of its parts.
    This world’s kingdom is a place where right is called wrong, and wrong is  called right.
          It is a place where political correctness rules and does not permit us to form our own judgements, or follow our own consciences.

Our goal as Christians should be to live at all times in the Kingdom of God.
Our cry should be:    
Let not earth rule in my life
         Release me from earth’s bondage…
               Show me the dimensions of God’s Kingdom...
                      Let me find the place of freedom, of faith, of Life...
                           Let me live in God’s Kingdom...
                                 Deliver me from earth’s smallness, and show me the  “Land of far horizons” where the King is seen in His beauty.