Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Perdition...or Prophet?

Even within The Way of Salvation we have managed to provide an alternative.

We speak of Spiritual Life, and yet treat it as if it were to be found by following a set of rules.
We follow Teachers who offer us a road map of conduct - a "how to" manual for successful Christian living.

Leaving the guidance of the Spirit which brought us to birth, we enter a wasteland of Law without Life.
A realm of joyless obedience, and weakening faith.
We thrash around as a drowning man caught up in forces beyond his strength.

When Israel escaped ..."by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved." Hos.12.13


Deliverance came by the Spirit of God operating in a man.

If we are to be saved, we enter into that salvation only by the Spirit of God.
And if we are to continue in the path of salvation, we must continue only by the Spirit of God - "the flesh profiteth nothing" 

The rules could not save in the time of the Old Testament and the rules cannot carry us today.

All our dependence on anything other than the working of God's Spirit in our lives is vain.

All the efforts of our aching souls hammering against the rock of our nature can only produce a broken cistern...
Years of effort can only produce a cracked recipient incapable of holding the Water of Life.

The world is lost.
How sad if the Christian is lost in the Way!

Oh, that we might find freedom in the ceaseless flow of the Life of God ministered through the Spirit of God.

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