Monday, May 15, 2017


Because Greater...
    is He...
        that is in you... 1Jn. 4.4

Somewhere along the line we have lost the concept of greatness, and our lives are petty and darkened.

We have lost sight of the God Who all nature obeys,
   the One Who holds the stars in their courses,
            the One Who rotates the seasons,
              Who commands the wind and the rain and    the waves.

How much do we know of this dimension "Greater"? 

Have we seen Him greater than time ... greater than yesterday, and today and all our tomorrows?
...greater than all measure?

Do we know Him as the One Who is uncontainable,
the One Who overflows all our definitions?

Can we see Him as the "in you" greater?

Our challenge is to see this, to believe this, to reach out and seek until we find this.
Our challenge is to live in the place of God's measure, and not our own.

Our Need is to find the real dimension of the Kingdom of God.

God was the Creator at the beginning and God is the Creator at the end.

As my father used to say "The Christian is not a football for the devil to kick around."
God has provided "some better thing for us".
Let us reach for His provision.

The spiritual deserts of this world await transformation.
Creation awaits the presence of God in the lives of His children.

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