Friday, May 15, 2020

The Affront to the Kingdom

Here is a very simple truth:
     That which, on earth, is not of the Kingdom of God 
          is an Affront to the kingdom of God.

Everything that was damaged through the sin of Adam in the garden
is a continual hurt in God's kingdom.
Our living on earth is a battle between two kingdoms,
     the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the enemy.

Every day, and every decision of our lives, bears upon these kingdoms,
and somehow, as time passes, God causes His own to see that
our thoughts and our words, and all that our life expresses,
works either for or against the rule and purpose of God.

Far beyond all the things for which we pray,
     the result of our prayer is working for the advancement, 
          or the detriment of the Kingdom of God.

Our prayer on earth, is affecting things which are eternal.
And we carry some of the weight of God's eternal kingdom on our shoulders. 

As we pray we come before the King of all.
     Let us be conscious of the place which we fill.
          Let us be conscious of the reach of our prayers.
               Let us be serious, and lay aside all that would weigh us down.
                    Let us fill the place in which God has put us, and "Stand."


  1. Brother Paul, You have had two prophetic messages for me in your last two blogs (suffering and standing). And you are correct, there is no "Neutral Zone" in the spiritual realm (Star Trek fans will understand). God bless you!

  2. I was thinking more about your message of yesterday and I think it's very interesting and very true that anything that humans do which doesn't glorify God (show Him in His true light) ends up on the enemy's scoreboard as a victory. There is no in-between, so everything we do for the Kingdom must be borne of much praying, and fasting too.