Tuesday, March 10, 2020

God of the Bible

"This is our God, we have waited for Him." (Is. 25.9)

Fulfillment is to find the God we have sought,
     and to see Him as He is. 
To be able to say, "This is the One I have sought,
     this is the One Whose call captured my spirit."

We are lost if the God we seek is the God of religious tradition,
or the imagination of a religious delirium -
a fantasy of human imagination, 
a dream of unfounded promise. 

I fear that many are caught out by man made pictures of Who God is,
and have built an edifice without foundations.

God, and God's world, are beyond everything human.

A hundred years ago young George Boole felt the constrained to explain the working of the human mind.
In his search he hit upon a form of algebra which operated with two components, not numbers, but only "yes" or "no."
His discovery did not seem to have a practical application in his own day but today, two billion computers around the world use this method to drive the world's information.
And on the basis of this discovery a search engine can find almost instantly the answers to our queries.

Beyond the world of man exists the world of God.
     In God all is "yes" - and without God all is "no."
          And all this world, and all eternity, hangs on this simple truth.

There is "no shadow of turning" with God. (Jas. 1.17)
     there is no mixture in God's truth.
And God imparts the knowledge of Himself to His own, 
     not through the efforts of the mind, 
          but through revelation to the spirit.
Without revelation it is impossible to rightly understand the things of God.

Man has made a sad mess of this world.
Our pride has blinded us to our ignorance,
     and failure has been met  by a redoubling of our efforts,
          leading to yet greater failure.

There is coming a day 
     when "the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, 
          and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: 
               and the LORD alone shall be exalted" (Is.2.17)

We can live in that day even now 
if we but bow ourselves,
and lift God up above every other thing.

If we but "let God be True," (Rom. 3.4), and consider all else without value. 
Then we will find ourselves able to say:
"This is our God we have waited for Him ....we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation."


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