Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Where is Reality?

Was there ever so much talking,
and was there ever so little evidence,
of Reality?

We live in a world of change,
and the sea of change surges around us.
Yesterday's values are no more.
They have been replaced by "new and improved" understanding.

Truth has become whatever the individual wants it to be.
Man has become the center and the whole of existence.

The surging waters of change have flooded the world,
and subtilly their influence has crept into the church.
Pastors have to be careful in their condemnations of sin
because they may offend the sinners and their sympathizers!

I am convinced that the God of the Bible is absolute,
there are no "degrees of certainty" in any of His ways.
That which is of God IS for all eternity - forever unchangeable.
And that which is NOT can never be made to fit into the Kingdom of God.

Time rolls on but cannot bring change to that which God made perfect.
     His Work stands.
          His Word stands.
               His Kingdom and His Church know no change.

Man is ever seeking and when he doesn't find that which is Real,
     that which is of God,
then he follows after things which are illusionary in their promises,
     and empty of any fulfillment.
He reels, and tumbles along in a downward spiral, 
     trying to satisfy something which created things can never satisfy.

We have people prophesying that in the next move of God 
He alone will be exalted,
and yet in the meantime they have their followers, subscribers and "partners."
There seems to be something wrong with this picture...

 "At evening time it shall be light." (Zec. 14.7)
As earth darkens, God is near to hear those who call,
    is found of those who seek.

Whatever may be the move of God in future days,
     God waits to meet those who seek Him,
          waits to satisfy the hunger of their hearts,
               waits to enlarge the measure of their souls,
                    and to cause their cups to overflow. (Ps. 23)


  1. Amen! So thankful for this blog.

  2. So very true. Thank-you brother Ravenhill!

  3. Yes, the next move of God will be absent people telling us what the next move of God will be, and that's how we know it hasn't happened yet! When and if that time comes, these people will disappear from the landscape, hidden away with God in obscurity and private prayer, for that is where the power lies that so many in Christendom are seeking but cannot seem to find. We don't seem to understand that this power cannot and will not allow itself to be found in the public sphere or with the lauds and applause of people behind it. It's so simple, yet so hard, for so many, so far.
    I agree that some historical Western "values" have been lost or replaced with our own definitions, but for many people, including people of color and women, life is better than it was in times past when it was not unusual to see black people hanging from tree limbs in the South, and women being unable to realize their professional dreams and giftings from God, or being free to voice their opinions at home or at the ballot box. I do not mourn the loss of these bygone "values," and, to this degree, disagree with Christians who insist that the times in which we are living are worse than times past. God bless.