Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Jesus Came

Jesus CAME...

He was here - fully present in a time and a space, 
     after emptying Himself of His place in heaven.
He was here present as a servant - until His final rejection and crucifixion at the hands of those to whom He came.

He fully took this place of earth and made it His place 
     to live, 
          to minister, 
               to give and give again,  
                    and to die.

What a contrast with man living in his own unawareness.
There is a human escapism, and we think that the real self
     is not here where the body is.
It is hard to say, Today, here and now, is my home,
     today is where I must sow and where I must harvest ...
It is hard to face the fact that, "Now is the day of Salvation" (2Cor. 6.2)
     We need no other time or place to find fulfillment.
We see our dreams and our work elsewhere,
     tomorrow seems to offer so much more,
          and it is so easy to live in the fantasy land of tomorrow's horizons.
               It is so easy to see tomorrow as the place where I will flourish,
                    and to see today without responsibility or reward.
                         It is so easy to know our body here, 
                              while our real self is off in "greener pastures and wider horizons."

Tomorrow cannot be touched from where we are -      no matter how we try.   
Thoreau had it right when he said:
     "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Jesus Came ... let us come
     to the Time, the Place and the Task He has set before us.

Let this be our gift to Him at this time.
     Here is where God dwells.
          Here is where life's Completion is found.

               "I delight to do thy will, O my God." (Ps. 40.8)