Saturday, October 26, 2019

Can I See ... Fulness?

"I saw in the way,
     a light from heaven, 
          above the brightness of the sun." (Acts 26.13)

The life changing intensity of Paul's encounter is reflected in the words:
"above the brightness of the sun."

No earthly light could compare with that Light!
     No earthly experience could compare with the impact of that Encounter.
Paul sees a Realm Unknown,
     meets a Reality which he had never met before.
The experience is cataclysmal, like a lightning strike.

Paul was rendered blind to the world around him after seeing that Light.
This was the moment Paul's allegiance shifted, and his question that day,
     "what wouldst Thou have me to do?"
          marked the course of the rest of his days.
He was forever after obedient to the heavenly vision.
     Forever after it was "this one thing I do." 
          And he did it with every ounce of his energy,
               and every moment of his time.

Things change when we change ...
If we could only find intensity in our spiritual lives everything about us would be different.

How desperately the church of God needs to awake to the failure 
     to take hold of Life, 
          to take hold of God.

Listen to the prophet Isaiah:
"And there is none that calleth upon thy name, 
     that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee: 
          for thou hast hid thy face from us, and hast consumed us, 
               because of our iniquities." (Is. 64,7)

 As we make a move toward God, His intensity meets and empowers our own.
     Mediocrity is done away,
          frustrations disappear,
               and life becomes meaningful beyond our dreams.


  1. So right, Brother Paulo. Everything will change when we change, and when we change, we won't care if anything else changes or not!
    A couple of nights ago, there was a single lightening strike right outside my window, a very powerful flash that completely surrounded and almost came into my apartment and was immediately followed by one huge and ground-shaking thunderbolt. I experienced something very similar 10 years ago at the beginning of my intense spiritual adventure. I've been aware for some time that someone doesn't appreciate me, and that's when we know we are on the right track with God, isn't it?
    It certainly seems as though a connection in the Spirit is being made here, if for no other reason than to encourage one another in the things of the God, and perhaps for some future collaboration in spiritual matters. (Phillipians 2:2 "Be of the same mind...") I haven't been able to attend church for several years (and there are very few that I would care to attend anyway) so it's very nice to open my email and receive spiritual confirmation and encouragement from your words. God bless you and your family. - Sister Pam T.

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