Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mercy ... in the Pampas ...

No man can look on God, (Ex 33.20)
And I think the character of God,
and the attributes of God,
are, likewise, only dimly perceived in the time of our earthly existence.

Where is the beginning, and what are the dimensions of mercy?

I remember an older lady, in one of the towns in the pampas of Argentina,
telling us about her son:
He had a painful condition and decided to pray.
Going out behind his house he got down beneath a lemon tree 
and told God that he would not get up until he was healed.
He prayed until about one o'clock in the morning, 
when suddenly he was conscious of a Light, 
and at that moment he was touched with an instantaneous healing.

So many times, and in so many places, the mercy of God surprises us.
I don't know much about mercy - except that it has no limit.
     Mercy has no limit - because God has no limit.
God sees man's limitations, and in mercy comes to give that which man could never attain on his own.
"The river of God ...  is full of water" says the psalmist. (65.9)
 God is a God of fullness and there is no lack to any of His resources.

It is for us to awaken and to reach forth, until to each one of us as an individual,
there is given to know "the unsearchable riches" (Eph. 3.8) of God's abundant Life - for all our earthly journey.


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