Saturday, April 28, 2018

What do we See?

It is so easy to look only at what we see around us! 

The  evil we see causes us hurt and amazement, but of far greater significance is the root from which this has sprung.

We see the moral undergirdings of the church, and of human society, blighted by an acceptance of perversions; and yet the perversions are only the fruit of something of far greater importance.

Our battle is not with the things we see, but with the unseen forces which move the things seen. Our fighting is  "against principalities, against powers." Eph 6.12

When we enter into heaven there will be an awareness of the Infiniteness of God's world.
It won't be about the golden streets, or the flowers of eternity, but the opening of our conciousness to Who God is.

Somehow this is true for us even while we are on earth.
When Peter confessed that Jesus was the Son of God, Jesus told him "I will give  unto thee the keys" - to bind and to loose with heavenly authority.
In other words, when Peter saw Who Jesus was, he was given of the same authority that he saw in Jesus.

The enemy seeks to fill our vision with earthly things, so that we may not see the things of the Spirit of God.
God calls us  day by day to lift our eyes to find the revelation of Him. 
He calls us to see our world become smaller.
He calls us to see our vision of Himself become greater.

We are invited to hear His voice saying to us also, "I will give unto thee" ... 
and to believe for the coming of His Kingdom in the days and in the circumstances of our lives.

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