Monday, November 13, 2017

What is Prayer?

Speaking of God, Job says, ¨Whom I shall see for myself.¨
He knows that there awaits for him a personal unveiling, a personal revelation.

Through the passing years...
through the joy and pain...
through the striving and seeking...
things gradually start to come into focus.
One begins to catch a glimpse for oneself of the essential nature of things.

It is not an academic understanding of what things mean, but rather a finding an understanding that “works” for oneself, in one’s own life.

So, with prayer.
The matter is infinite, and a full understanding must await another world than this, but God gives us to see enough to find our way.

Prayer is the Cry of the Earth to the God of the Heavens.
That is all it takes...and it takes all of that!

Prayer is a bringing of all my being to God, with all the intensity which I possess.
It is a bringing of everything positive and everything negative.

Prayer is a bringing of all my faith and all my doubts.
It is a bringing of all my strength and all my weakness.
It is a bringing of all my light and all my darkness - all I can see and all I can’t see.
It is a bringing of all my joy and all my sorrow.
It is a bringing of all my health and all my pain.
It is a bringing of all that I am and of all that I am not.

Prayer is a looking to heaven, because earth does not have the answers.
It is all I am, meeting all that He is.

Facing our need, as Israel, we can sing and cry, “Spring up, Oh well” (Num. 21:17)... until the waters flow... until our life is flooded... until the earthly meets the heavenly.

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