Monday, August 7, 2017

Only Vision can save us....


I'm not talking about "visions," but the vision of eyes open to see.

We find ourselves living in a generation where the horizons are filled with confusion and despair on the one hand, and on the other, filled with false premises and false promises.

God calls us out from it all, to lift our eyes above all.

He calls us to fix them on a land of "far horizons" and upon "the king in His beauty."

All that fills our world is but for a moment, and the tide of passing years soon wreaks havoc with everything that man tries to build.

God alone is Unchangeable - His foundations alone are Unshakable.

If we are to find peace and purpose we must find it beyond the turmoil and the hubris which surrounds us.

We must find it beyond our swirling emotions.
We must find it beyond the mind trying by its thoughts to perceive.

We must leave all behind and seek, seek, seek until in a dawning awareness we find our God.

We must seek until we find, for all our days, and for all our ways, the all-sufficient Creator-Savior ... the Author and the Finisher of the faith we place in Him.

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