Monday, July 3, 2017

Miracle God which raiseth the dead. 2Cor1.9

Living down here in South America, I see only one thing that matters.
The thing that matters to me, and I believe to God, is that I see, and possess, the Real - the Living Reality of God and His realm.

Men live in an unreal world of unreal dreams.
Mankind has become untethered, and the dreams of today find their fruit in the disillusionment of tomorrow.

There is no building because there is no foundation.
There is no foundation because God has been left out of the plan.

Jesus came as the Word to bring the revelation of the Reality of God.
"Let there be"...God spoke, and the World and the Stars, the Animals and the Plants came into existence, into Reality.
As with the material world so with the spiritual - we must hear the Speaking Voice imparting the Life of God to our souls.
We must find there, Faith - that faith which is Substance, "that which has actual existence".

The Bible is all about that which is Real.
The prophets stood alone with God and proclaimed to an unseeing world this Reality.

The death that the enemy seeks to place upon us is simply the unawareness of unawareness of the Life that flows from God.

Paul says God raises the dead.
God turns back the work of death.
From the place where death has overcome, God comes again and quickens.

He calls us to be with Himself - to be as He is in this world.
He calls us to Overcome, and Overcome, and Overcome.
He calls us to overcome all the things of smallness, and all the bondage with which this world's thought and action bind mankind. 
Our calling is to overcome everywhere, all the time, until the Triumph is Complete - until He can manifest His Reality in us.

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