Saturday, December 31, 2016

A New Year

At the beginning there WAS; at the end there WILL BE, and our lives elapse between these two points.

Will the coming year be a New Year - or a Repetition … of years past?

A New Year with New Things?

New Things must come from a renewal within.
Israel experienced new life as they partook each day of new water and new manna, fresh from the hand of God.
Do we think we can get through 365 days without New Infusions of life from God?

Nothing keeps moving on earth without the addition of new energy - everything loses impulse until movement ceases.
Somewhere, somehow, in our generation this truth seems to have escaped us. We hope to advance from faith to faith and from victory to victory carried forward by the energies of the past.

Let us in this coming year, which will advance inexorably day by day until its end, fix our eyes upon the Author and Finisher, and let us “go up to possess” in an  intensity of search renewed and sustained by God.

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