Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Answer

"Looking unto Jesus".... (Heb. 12.2)

Nothing more - nothing less.
     It could not be more simple -
          and it could not be more difficult.

Man delights in complicating things.
And delights in laying out steps, from here to his goals.
We all love laying out a road map, with way markers and warnings.

We love processes, but the simplicity of the gospel offends.
The accessibility of the gospel is a stumbling block.
The denial of our input in merely looking causes us to balk.

God is the Creator,
     but man itches to "make." 
At the beginning of God's rules for man,
     God says, "Thou shalt not make..."

All of the disaster of a fallen world has come about through man's intervention 
- mans "making."

The perfection of God's Creation,
     the perfection of God's Path of Life,
          can never be improved.

To touch is to mar,
     to alter is to destroy. 

There must be an infinite sorrow in heaven 
     as God looks down upon those called by His Name,
          and sees them running blindly in their darkness,
               unrestrained in the plans and projects 
                    which they undertake "for Him."

Let us, who are of the day, "walk in the Light of the Lord." (Is. 2.5)



  1. So true Brother Paul. It's very uncomfortable for us as humans to turn from our reliance on our intellect and what seems right and sounds good, and to release our humanly-devised plans, hopes and dreams, not only for our churches but including personal decisions and social norms such as marriage, formal education and business ventures, and to defer all of these things completely to His will, but nothing is accomplished in the spiritual realm if we don't do this, which, in the end, is actually more beneficial to us in terms of eternal rewards in heaven, perhaps in seeing people there who we might not have expected to see otherwise, but we know for sure that this kind of submission fulfills God's good plans. But if God doesn't give us that kind of vision, we will not understand it nor will we be willing to pursue it, and these spiritual transactions can only occur through intense personal time with Him. In many cases, as Jesus explained, God will reward us even in this life for this kind of obedience, but that is of secondary importance. It is those who have been willing to leave their comfort zone, at times unto separation from their plans and dreams, their families, and even their earthly lives, in order to follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit, who have changed the Church and, therefore, the world, for the better.
    Charles Spurgeon once said "Discernment is not being able to tell the difference between right and wrong, it's being able to tell the difference between right and almost right."