Saturday, August 17, 2019

What is Lost

Comes to mind the song "The Lost Chord," whose music was written a hundred and fifty years ago by Arthur Sullivan.
The song speaks of the joy of finding a chord of unknown heavenly music,
and the frustration at losing it again.

The music is merely the symbol, illustrating something greater and more essential.
The song speaks of the human condition.
It speaks of the frustration of vainly trying to find that which has been lost
- a something deep within, inexplicable in words, and incomprehensible to the mind.

What mankind cannot find is Life;
     and there is a yearning, 
         an unsatisfied longing which never passes, 
              but rather takes ever deeper root throughout the passing years. 

As worship, which must be in spirit (Jn. 4.24), so with our seeking and finding any part of the spiritual realm.
          The mind merely follows on where the heart has gone.
"Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name." (Ps. 142.7)
As the Jews to whom Jesus spoke, we may think we are free and yet be bound by so many things. (Jn. 8.33,34)

Freedom and Life is ours, as we lift our eyes and our hearts above all that surrounds,
and leave all our being - our hopes, longings, and fears - at the feet of the Master.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

God's Coming

The Bible starts with God coming,
     God speaking,
          God creating.

The Bible ends with  "Come."
His coming, and His working, is the source of all things, natural and spiritual.
God alone, is the Author and Sustainer of all things.

"Seek ye me, and ye shall live," says God. (Amos 5.4)
     This is an unchanging truth for all time.
          This is a promise for every moment of every day.
               On this all our life depends.

Here is the Light for every day,
the strength for every trial,
the quickening for our souls in every moment of human insufficiency.

David declares,  "I have set the Lord always before me:
because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved." (Ps. 16.8)
This is the way of seeking:
there is an "Always" - an undeviating longing for that which is not yet known,
     There is a "setting before" - a concentrated focus of energies,
          God's Presence "at my right hand" is the ground of certainty,
               and "unmovableness" is the result of this commitment.

"We see through a glass darkly" (1Cor. 13.12),
     if we could only find an ever clearer vision,
          how our lives would be lifted above the uncertainties 

          that shadow human existence.

May we not have to wait until arrive in heaven to know 

the certainty of His nearness,  
and the sureness of His ever-flowing Life.
     In the midst of life let this be our unalterable commitment,
                  "I have set the Lord always before me."

Saturday, August 10, 2019


“For all the promises of God in Him are Yea, and in Him Amen.” 

Today definitions have changed.
Words have become toxic.
And the enemy is using language to destroy the significance relied upon 
for generations.
Political correctness has twisted meanings 
until they have become unrecognizable.

Look for instance at the word, "freedom:"
When the Puritans spoke of “freedom” they meant the freedom to  
follow God while obeying His laws;
somewhat like the safety we have to travel in our cars, 
while we circulate according to the laws of the road.

“Freedom,” as it is interpreted today, means the casting off of all restraint
in order to follow whatever whims we feel, without regard to time,
or place, or any fellow being.
God has been written out of the picture, and unfettered human 
degeneration has been permitted in His place.

Look at man's "rights:"
We live in a time when if a sector of society likes a thing it is enough to 
provide vindication and confer legitimacy upon it.

A destruction, from a boundless stupidity of chaos, seems to cover all:
A “Christian” celebrity feels a surge of happiness when she hears 
someone speak of the Almighty as “she.”
Other Christians see the need to adapt the unchanging laws of God to 
modern thinking.
In the Bible God created mankind “male and female.” (Gen. 1.29)
- now gender has become whatever one chooses it to be.
And the list goes on, in every area, without constraint.

When the Roman empire was beginning to fall apart,
Augustine wrote his famous book on The City of God, 
and spoke of a Kingdom, not of earth,
a Kingdom which knows no decay.
So today, in the midst of the decay of earthly systems, 
the Kingdom of God stands unchanged and unchangeable.

Heb. 12.28 says, "we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace,whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear."

We receiving 
     - that which is beyond the reach of change,
          beyond the reach of decay,
               beyond the reach of sin's destruction.

We receiving - 
     the changeless things which are the gift of a unchanging God.

We receiving -
Life which, in its length, and breadth, and height, and depth, is Eternal.

We need not change with the shifting tides of man's opinions because our 
God changes not.

“For all the promises of God in Him are Yea, and in Him Amen.” 


Monday, August 5, 2019

By the Spirit

"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God." (Rom. 8.14)
There are two kinds of Christians:
those who are led by the Spirit, 
and those who are primarily led by the mind.
Led by the mind ... 
when the mind leads the way through life:
when the Word of God is seen through the medium of human understanding,
when life's challenges are untangled through a process led by thinking,
when life's emotions are controlled by a reasoning process,
when everything is ordered and regulated by the capacities of the mind.
The process ends when the mind is overwhelmed -
defeat comes:
when there are no answers to be had,
when there is no way to advance,
when the burdens increase and the body finds itself without strength to carry on.
This is the limit of human capability, but God offers another Way.
His Spirit is given to take over the control of life.
He is the Light for our darkened understanding.
He is the Strength for our weak endeavors.
God's ways are not our ways - but in His ways freedom is to be found.
In His ways there is all provision, at all times, for all needs.
Years ago Any Carmichael said, "God trusts us to trust Him."
This is the way of the Spirit - 
a depositing all our resources at God's feet,
a forsaking of all self determination, 
and a clinging to God alone for all our needs.
When we see God as the Answer to all of life,
when we see that there is nothing hidden or unknown to Him,
when we give everything human into His hands,
then His Spirit will lead us in sure paths.
"There is no want to them that fear Him." (Ps. 34.9)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Mercy ... in the Pampas ...

No man can look on God, (Ex 33.20)
And I think the character of God,
and the attributes of God,
are, likewise, only dimly perceived in the time of our earthly existence.

Where is the beginning, and what are the dimensions of mercy?

I remember an older lady, in one of the towns in the pampas of Argentina,
telling us about her son:
He had a painful condition and decided to pray.
Going out behind his house he got down beneath a lemon tree 
and told God that he would not get up until he was healed.
He prayed until about one o'clock in the morning, 
when suddenly he was conscious of a Light, 
and at that moment he was touched with an instantaneous healing.

So many times, and in so many places, the mercy of God surprises us.
I don't know much about mercy - except that it has no limit.
     Mercy has no limit - because God has no limit.
God sees man's limitations, and in mercy comes to give that which man could never attain on his own.
"The river of God ...  is full of water" says the psalmist. (65.9)
 God is a God of fullness and there is no lack to any of His resources.

It is for us to awaken and to reach forth, until to each one of us as an individual,
there is given to know "the unsearchable riches" (Eph. 3.8) of God's abundant Life - for all our earthly journey.


Friday, July 26, 2019

The Transformation of Light

Salvation is not just about Forgiveness,
nor is it just about Heaven.
Salvation is supremely about Life and Light.

Today I was thinking of the Transformative power of Light.
Salvation is a going from Darkness to Light.
We come "out of" Darkness, and "into" Light.

What is Darkness?
It is the place where everything disappears;
     a place without horizons,
          a place where there is no form, nor color, nor proportion,
               no distance - no near nor far.
It is a place where all is an unknown, and unknowable, oneness.

Spiritual darkness in the Bible is a place of fears and uncertainties,  
     a place of every kind of undefined dread,
          a place of the presence of evil,
               a place inhabited with every negative and destructive thing of the kingdom of the enemy.

Jesus said, "Believe in the Light, that ye may be the children of Light."
Salvation is a coming into a place of Clarity,
a Place where all is clearly seen, and the hidden things of darkness can no more oppress.

Paul, the apostle, says, "Ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light." (Eph. 5.8)

The Old Testament speaks of the path of the just being as a shining light,
that shines more and more unto the perfect day. (Prov. 4.18)
This is God's gift - a Place where the "more and more" is unveiled in ever greater measure. 
God's gift is a path which knows no shadows,
     a place where we are forever delivered from the pursuing darkness,
          a place of Life, of Victory and of Rest.

                     Here - "my cup runneth over." (Ps. 23.5)

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Show Me

We are all conscious of things which we need to know,
     yet we all tend to confuse knowing a little bit, 
          with knowing in depth.
We learn a little about a subject, and right away we place ourselves beyond the reach of further instruction.

The one who would know God must always come to Him conscious of the fact that all he knows is infinitesimally small, compared to the limitless realm of revelation which awaits the seeking soul.

The Realm of God is the realm of the Spirit, and all other "knowledge" merely points the way.
God is known through our experiencing Him,
     not by hearing about Him,
          not by singing about Him, 
               not by reading about Him.
These things are pointers which may show us the pathway but not the Destination.

The prayers which our minds may generate only become real as they touch the realm of the Spirit; 
when our words are absorbed into the words which God is speaking.

"Show me" cried Moses (Ex. 33.18)
Seeing is always first hand - we see for ourselves, by ourselves.
     There is no second hand seeing,
          There may be second hand descriptions,
               but sight is ours alone.
Seeing is a knowing of the substance.
Time after time, after time the bible speaks of seeing.

Abraham at the place of sacrifice:
"And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, in the mount of the LORD it shall be seen." (Gen. 22.14)
"We beheld His glory" says John (1.14) - there was nothing second hand about it.

May we say as Matheson in his blindness, 
     "Oh Light that followest all my way,
          I yield my flickering torch to Thee."

                    "Open Thou mine eyes..." (Ps. 119.18)

Yet somehow when

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Destination ...

They that trust in the LORD shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever. (Ps.125.1)

There is a "forever" with God,
     a place eternally unchangeable, unmovable,
     a place beyond all of earth's power, all of earth's dominions,
     a place where the darkness of earth's night is forever gone.

"A large room" says the psalmist. (38.8) 
     - a room ... a place to dwell in,
          a place of safety and of rest. 

In a world which has lost its way ...
In a church which has lost its Guide ...
In the aimlessness of human "progress" ...
God speaks: "Ye are come to mount Sion." (Heb 12.2)
Can we, have we, come to the places which God has prepared for us?

Two dangers we see in the church:
a denial of the essential element of Christianity,
and a kind of Christianity which is an imitation, but which lacks the quickening of the Holy Spirit.
     There can be no real praise without the Holy Spirit.
     nor can there be adoration,
     nor real prayer.
          Without the Holy Spirit we are only going through the motions,
          only satisfying our self-engendered formulas.

Jesus said to the pharisees, "If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth."
It is not only possible not to see the things of the Kingdom of God,
but it is impossible to see them unless the Spirit of God open our eyes.

Studdert Kennedy - that man who carried his own vision and burned through life's candle in just forty five passionate years - as he looks at man's unawareness, said in one of his poems, "How can we be so blind, and how can we be so blind?" 
Somehow this is the unspoken cry of all our poor world, 
and of the majority of churches.

"Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts." (Heb. 3.15)
     Rather let us Rush, Run, and Strive, to find the One Who awaits us on Mount Zion,
          and Whose Spirit will be our guide every step of the way.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Coming and Finding

There could not be a wider invitation, nor a greater promise ...
"Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, 
and I will give you rest." (Mt. 11.28)

Our world knows so much of heavy burdens, of inescapable weight to be borne.
The lack of escape from the things that wear us down is the unavoidable destiny of all humanity.
But here is a a different world.
Here is a place where everything earthly comes under a new dominion.
Here all the negative loses its absolute authority.
Here God rules and works His work.
Here there is rest - something which earthbound man can only dream about.

"There is a place of quiet rest" says the old hymn.
"A Place where sin cannot molest... of comfort sweet ... of full release ... of joy and peace." 

This is the place to which we are invited.
This is the place where all things are made new.

What must have been the impact of the revelation, when some of the old writers saw with their spiritual eyes the things they were writing about?
How were their senses overwhelmed when they were touched by spiritual reality?
How was the world around them forever changed by their glimpse of God's greater world?

Infinity is offered in the little word, "come."
The "come" connects us to the "Me" -
and the door is opened to the dimensions of God,
the dimensions of eternity,
the rest, the joy, the certainty which is beyond all earthly measure or human comprehension.

God's invitation to us is not first to our minds but to our hearts,
not to the external but to very center of our being,
His gift is "a well...springing up into everlasting life."
May our hearts hear and embrace God's invitation to Come.
May our minds not lead our hearts, 
but rather may our hearts lead our minds in a fullness of rest.


Friday, July 5, 2019

Stepping into our Destiny

We hear (and used to hear more) about stepping out, although maybe we say it in a different way.
We know that we have to leave the  world our lives have formed if we want to enter the world of the Kingdom of God.
I wonder how much we really know of the world we step into, the world where all is of God.
As I look around me I fear that what we call "Christianity" is just a dried shell of the real thing.
Having lost the real some have retreated to a glum faced defense of our interpretations of God's truth.
Others seem to feel the need of a "feel good" nonsensical understanding of the purpose of the gospel.

But what awaits us in the Kingdom of God?
What dimensions are to be explored in His broad domains? 

Well, we have to start with the fact that He has to show us.
The books written, the sermons preached,
and even the scriptures themselves, 
are but signposts pointing the way to an experience of God.

The letter without the Spirit is not only dead, but it is an instrument of death. (2Cor. 3.6)
People try to get around this by saying that the word of God is not dead, because God spoke it,
but Paul is referring to the Spirit quickened word of God
as opposed to man quoting things that God spoke, without the quickening.

God will be with His own for all eternity,
God is preparing a bride for the Son from among men.
  Can it be that this same God leave His own to stumble through life on earth without the quickening power of the Holy Spirit?
  Eternity will be a place of everlasting Light,
and are we to walk in darkness until we reach that realm?
  Eternity will be everlasting life, 
and is our earthly lot to participate of death day by day, until our heavenly deliverance?

Israel in the desert  "spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?" (Ps. 78.19)
They denied God's ability - His operation as God.

"Our God is able" declared the three Hebrews confronting the fiery furnace.
     He was able then,
          He was able there,
               how about today?

If we could catch a glimpse of the yearning of God for His own, and the extent of His loving care, 
we would see our doubts, and our subtle denials of His ability to work,
as wounds inflicted again upon the One Who died for us.

"How shall he not with Him also freely give us all things?" (Rom. 8.32)

 As the days of our lives go by, let us pray as Moses, 
     "show me Thy glory." (Ex. 33.18)


Saturday, June 29, 2019

Stepping Out

"Come..." (Mt. 11.28)

We can look at it in different ways, and on different levels,
but there is a stark simplicity in the invitation - 
a coming from, and a coming to.

It is not the complicated things which trip us up,
it is the simple things which undo us.
The mind of man delights to try to discover the "deep" things,
the hidden meanings, the unexplained prophecies.

Our problem is not that we need more understanding; 
our first need is for more obedience in the simple rudiments.

In every person there seems to be some kind of "hangup" or other ...
areas where we cannot advance, not because of the enemy's opposition,
but because of our own inner restrictions.

Behind it all there is a fear.
There is a fear of leaving the things to which we hold, 
our ambitions, our fairy-tale concepts of what faith is, 
our holding on to our own will and way.
We fear to let go, even if those things over the length of time, have failed to lead us forward one single step in the exploration of the infinite realms of God.

In the "coming" there must be a stepping out from the realm of our doubts and fears.
There must be a believing and a commitment to the  thing which God sets before us.

Abraham "obeyed and went out, not knowing whither he went." (Heb. 11.8)
This is the way, leaving it all behind:
the good and the bad,
the positive and the negative, 
the hopes and the fears,
the future which we see in a place and a position. 

"Come unto Me" said Jesus.
This is a simple statement, a simple truth,
and yet even within the church countless multitudes have never possessed it.
We have no idea the extent to which our life is built up of concepts which hold us in iron chains.
We are able to read the verse and yet, on a deep instinctive level,
we are so harnessed to the horizons of our existence that we never really set the statement before us,
nor do we to consider what it entails, or what it promises.

"Come ... and I will give you Rest."
Like the neighbor I mentioned in the last blog,
it is possible to go to church for years,
to hear the news of the gospel and the promises of God,          
and yet ... never really come to the truths of the Kingdom of God 
and find them to be infinite Life for our souls. 

Oh, that we could "come" with all we have and all we lack.
Oh, that we could leave it at His feet,
Oh, that we could lift our eyes to the infinite, eternal rest,
from all our burdens too heavy for mortal man to bear. 

          Eternity will not be too long
               to explore the measurelessness 
                    of the meaning of God's rest.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

God in the Midst

We heard a testimony from a neighbor this morning.
This is a neighbor lady, who just moved in, with many years of faithful church going behind her.
"I never had two days like these two days," she said.  
"I was invited to this little new church and for first time in my life I knew what  the peace of God is.  
In the past I have been prayed for and experienced deliverances, and healings,  
but I had never experience the peace, the PEACE of God.  
I have spent these days praising, singing and overwhelmed by the peace of God." 
She wanted to say so much more but was lacking words to express all it meant to her.  
She kept on repeating, "He said, 'My peace I give unto you, not as the world'..."

Once again it was impressed upon me,
the tremendous difference which comes when the working of God is real.
I wonder how many, like my poor neighbor, go to church week after week, 
and year after year, and yet never know the working of the Spirit of God ministering within, where life really happens.
The outward forms and observances,
     the "church going" and the church talk,
          has failed to provide an answer.

So many times I have thought of the things God bestows upon us as places in which God gives us to dwell -
My neighbor was taken from dwelling in unrest and fear to a place of peace.
She SAW Him as her Peace, and by His grace she can dwell in that place.

Likewise God has provided a place where I can dwell in the faith of the Son of God,
and a Place where I feel secure in the Love and Care of God,
and a Place where Revelation abounds as sure as the rising of the sun at break of day,
and a Place where the Spirit of God leads and sheds Light on all my way.

This is the unfailing certainty,
     this is the anchor.
It is not anything that we are,
     nor is it anything that we can learn or do.

These are places of God's impartation -
     places beyond the reach of sins destruction, or time's decay.
Places where Life is sure with an eternal certainty,
     and where Life grows from day to day from a never failing supply.

All that God gives us never changes, because God never changes.

          "He leadeth me  ... He restoreth my soul." (Ps. 23.2,3)

Friday, June 21, 2019

Born to Awareness

We have got it all wrong.
Our approach to the Christian Life.
The teachings of most churches and Bible schools.
The ways we read and study ... we have got it all wrong.

We can define everything while possessing nothing in the realm of the Kingdom.

When we were born into the New Life we were born into awareness -
a Knowing that the Old had passed and a New Life was given us.
At the moment of our birth we became aware of the difference between right and wrong. 
We became aware of a new Life with new horizons, and new pathways.
At the moment of our birth there was no doubt shadowing the horizon,
no fear lurking at our feet.

The invitation and the challenge always is, "As ye have received Christ so walk ye in Him" (Col. 2.6) 
He is the Light to lighten all our days.

God's Light shines on these lives of ours, we but it is so easy to let men separate us from this simplicity.
It is so easy to believe men who "teach" us of the importance of having other men to guide us, and keep us safe in our pathway.

It is a tragedy to depend upon laws, principles and teachings to protect us.
It is a tragedy when this need for "safety" leads us to abandon our dependence upon the Spirit of God.
It is a tragedy when a man returns to the confines of the pit from which he was delivered, 
and depends upon the old man-made traditions to interpret the new realm of divine life.

Like the mariner who crossing an ocean is guided by the stars, nothing in the boat, nothing of all our human cargo can guide us,
- we must lift our eyes to He Who is Above it All.
He is the One Who guides into all Truth:
     in Him dwells all Fullnes, 
          all the answers for all our needs, 
               all the strength for all our battles, 
                    all the Light and all the faith we can ever need. 

"Looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith." (Heb. 12.2)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Remembering Leonard

Well over a century has passed since my father was born in 1907 -
and almost a quarter of a century has passed since he left us in 1994.

Today his birthday approaches once more, 
     and I look back at his Life and his Ministry.
          I am not seeking to praise or vindicate him  - 
any attempt to lift up a man is ultimately a sort of blasphemy against God.

I only try to vindicate the office of the prophet - and the God he served,
and to show that the austere separation which marked his life was a necessary part of the pursuit of his vision.
Also, I have the hope that for some his example would quicken a Calling, and shine a light upon a Pathway.

The thing which set him apart was his Vision of God
     - and the Passion of that Vision.
The thing that set him apart was a Calling
     - and an Empowering.

The Message which flowed from him was an Overflow of the burning within him,
and the Flame which touched other lives was the Flame with which he lived until the end.

God entrusted him with a heavenly message, 
for "a sick church in a dying world."
The things he proclaimed while he walked in our midst 
have grown from seed to full maturity in our time.
What he saw coming is now upon us.

Years have been frittered away in chasing rainbow-hued soap bubbles, 
and left us without foundation to face the future.
We are being torn apart by a tornado of hell inspired, and hate filled, nightmares, masquerading as progress and enlightenment.

The march of time has lifted the the fog from the mountain, 
     and for those with eyes to see, there shines forth, naked, 
          a realization of where we really are 
               - and how far we are from the pathway.

We have been indifferent to what has been sown in our society -
but it will be impossible for us to remain indifferent as we begin to reap the harvest of our sowing.
Let us look again at the message from the past and re-examine ourselves.

There is hardly a single soul now alive who really knew my father and captured the depth of his message,
     - there was hardly a soul ready to walk the path that he walked, 
          and to pay the price which he paid throughout years.

Giovanni Papini hit on the truth when he spoke of the misfortune of great men in having disciples 
-those followers who convinced themselves that they had captured the message, 
and understood the truth spoken by the master;
those who had somehow persuaded themselves that they were capable of transmitting the message to mankind.

Prophets were unique men who walked alone, and for that reason they were rejected by the "mainstream" of the unseeing masses.
There could be no middle ground for them - what they saw in God was either a "yes" or a "no" ... without condition or compromise.

Isaiah saw the temple doors shudder at the presence of God.
To my father there was given something of a like vision, 
and I think if he were permitted to return today, 
he would echo the word of Isaiah with a cry from the depths of his soul which would reach the very throne of God ... "Woe........" (Isaiah 6)

Let me conclude here with what I wrote in this blog two years ago about my father:

Leonard as I saw him
Over the years since my father, Leonard Ravenhill, passed on to be with his Master there have been inquiries about his life, his trajectory, and the spring of his ministry.

I am hesitant as I start to write a few words at this time - hesitant as I attempt to show something of which I know so little.
I knew my father perhaps as well as anyone among us, and yet there
was a part of him which was hidden from view, a part which was forged by God through the years of his life.

I am hesitant also as I put in words something which some readers will examine looking for a secret to copy, while the Way of the Spirit is still as the wind; and we still cannot "tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth."
I am hesitant too because there are very few whose eyes have been opened to see and understand the realm of the Spirit of God which was the fount from which his life drew its meaning.
With the hesitation there is also a hope that some who read may see beyond the enclosing framework of the words, and find a path; a path which is always open to the God Who desires to reveal Himself.
There was something placed within him by God which was unreachable to the understanding, and unfathomable to all man’s capacities of discovery.
From whence came the intensity of passion, the holy jealousy, the consuming discipline to spend long hours of searching, prayer and supplication until the very end?
From whence came the the burning words, and the incandescence of spirit?
The things which worked this nature within him could barely be traced; he hardly spoke of the processes in his own life.
The merest of glimpses of the workings were to be seen - and one cannot know the part these things played in what God was doing in his life:
When as  a youth praying in the woods he suddenly found himself speaking in a language unknown.
When as a  young evangelist who, before he ever preached, sang his way across England.
The time  praying with his companions in evangelism when a visible flame was seen to touch each head.
The time he found faith for healing in a tent meeting when asked to pray for a woman bound in her wheelchair.
The time as pastor finding faith for his church -  faith for deliverance from lameness for a girl who dragged herself around with her hip on the floor - faith for deliverance, from insanity, from cancer.
The time when freed from his church connections he stepped out alone and ministered night after night in an apple storage shed in the Irish countryside.
What was the inner impact upon him there as he saw God come to the area, bringing fruits that yet remain?
The time preaching in the United States when he had to jump from the window of a burning hotel, and then spend months in bed-bound recuperation.
There was a rising from his bed at one or two in the morning, interrupting his sleep night after night through the later years of his life, as he looked for God's revelation.

These were some of the outward events, but through the passing years God wrought in him an ever growing awareness of the nature of God, and the dimension of His kingdom.
Through it all there was an awareness of the weight of the responsibility of his calling, and a faith in God’s ability to see it through.

Over the course of his life he worked with different church groups, and then once and again had to turn and leave them and go on alone with his vision of God.
He saw God as Absolute and His will as Non-negotiable.
The leader of one group confessed to my father with tears that his organization needed that which he had told them twenty years previously - but the moment had passed, now it was twenty years too late.
The leader of another organization lost his life after not paying heed to a warning from my father.
When he heard another Voice he had to ​​leave behind people he loved, and ​follow ever onward in a consuming vision of God and His kingdom.
An inner quickening of the Spirit held him responsible for different horizons than ​those​ around him - and he walked in freedom.
​When ​his ministry led him away from England to the United States ​he​ went forward into a new stage of his life as a Voice.

I believe he saw the past experiences of his life not as destinations, but merely as milestones in a continually unfolding pilgrimage.
​​He came with a message to the churches and to the nation - a message of repentance, surrender and holiness, always exalting the Lord above all.
It was a message whose aim was revival, a desire that God Himself would come and make things right and show forth his glory.

His was a lonely walk sustained only by the life that God allowed him more and more to understand and to possess.
There was a spiritual dimension, or rather, a dimension of the Spirit.
That which produced the volcanic flow of words was something which sprang forth as God saw the inner longings, sighs and groanings of his heart.
This was a portion which set him apart, a portion found alone with God - although somehow down through history it has always been the portion of men who truly met God.

At the end of his pilgrimage... let me quote from my wife:
"In the last months of his life he would repeat, in a sort of rapture of new discovery, the words of Paul to Timothy, “The blessed and only Potentate. The blessed and only Potentate”.
Here, he who was gifted with a beautiful ability to express his thoughts, found himself with no words to add.
His was merely to proclaim, and repeat again, what he had heard, and what he had seen, as the answer to the condition of a fallen world... ”The blessed and only Potentate.”

Standing by his bedside during his last days, although he was unable to speak and hardly able to move an arm, one was aware of​ an awesomeness about him.   
David Wilkerson expressed it best when he visited and said: "There is a sense of the holiness of God in this place."
Yes, you were not by a sick and dying man, you felt you were in God's sanctuary where there was a constant dialog​ue between the Lord and His servant.
We played recordings ​of the hymns he so loved.   
I was holding  his hand once while we listened, but then he freed his hand from mine and lifted it to heaven...  Worshiping ...
H​e continued to worship His majesty, from a spirit now so free. The moment was sublime!!!
What perfect submission to His will… what perfect communion...
I wonder now, was that uplifted hand also talking to me? Was he begging me to turn my eyes and my concern away from him and to fix them on the Lord?
Was the hand uplifted in worship also his last message to me, to us?
He had pleaded that we would take the Lord as our all in all - now He was all he had, and he was satisfied​.

He left us on a Sunday - the Lord’s day.
He left us at twelve noon - when the sun was at its height, and the day was perfect.
He left us when the Father called him home.
As he parted, triumph surrounded us, and peace, and glory, and heavenly joy in an inexplicable consciousness."