Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Something for Jesus

Have you ever heard a voice within yourself saying, "Something for Jesus"?

It happened to me and it took me by surprise.
What is He looking for if all my human capacities are as nothing?
What do I have to give to Him?
What is the "something" which has value for Him?
What is the "something" man can give?

All through the Bible, man gives back to God that which God gives to Him 
- in Adam God looked for the confidence to give his free will to God, and Adam failed.
Ever since man has failed time after time in his trust in God.

"He that cometh to God must believe," (Heb. 11.6)
This is what God looks for from us in all the days of our lives.
A basic part of the life of the believer must be faith 
- and the enemy centers his attack on our faith.

  "Through faith they subdued kingdoms." (Heb. 11.33)
Interesting the word used, "subdued" ... not "conquered," not "overcome."
        "Subdued" - took away their power,
                          rendered them ineffective.

Can we lift our eyes above the earthly, and believe that all God's sowing from the time we first met Him is now at a harvest?

Can we believe that in the "now" of our days, the kingdoms, powers and circumstances that surround us be subdued under His kingship?
All other offerings we bring are empty if we cannot bring faith.
Can we offer Him faith?

All through our journey, as we travel, 'today and tonight, and tomorrow, 
and on through the months and the years,' may this be our constant offering:

                                   "Lord I believe."

Thursday, January 10, 2019

His Name

"His name is called, The Word of God." (Rev. 19.13)

In the three fold revelation given to John, Jesus is revealed as
Faithful and True.
The Word of God. 
King of Kings, and Lord of lords.

"Faithful and True," is His nature, this is Who He is.
Because of this, we will never be alone nor forsaken.

The last revelation is of Jesus as "King of Kings, and Lord of Lords."
This is His position, His authority, His place in the universe.
Because of this, His purpose in the lives of His own is certain.

The second name John heard is "The Word of God."
This is His working … the working of His Faithfulness and His Power.
This is the operation of His purpose throughout all the ages.
This is how His faithfulness is shown.
This is how His kingdom is established.

As the Word, He speaks Life where there is death,
Light where there is darkness,
Peace where there is torment,
Strength where there is weakness,

This is the place where our faith must be exercised.
This is the place God would meet with us in all the passing days of our lives.

Just as "the moving finger writes; and having writ, moves on" and cannot be erased, so also, He speaks and that which is spoken is forever.
That which He has spoken must unfailingly come to pass.

Peter speaks  of "exceeding great and precious promises."(2Pet. 1.4)
John, says "Ye are strong, and the Word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome." (1Jn. 2.4)

Agur, after all the proverbs of Solomon, cries out, "What is His Name, and what is His Son's Name?" (Prov 30.4)
Basically he is crying out to know the Answer  to all things existing, and to his own need.

This is the Answer … "His Name is the Word of God."
Here is all sufficiency - for all need, and for all time. 

This is the revelation beyond all this world contains.
     This is the Creative Power which accompanies all our paths.
          This is Life for all our days.

Monday, January 7, 2019

A New Thing

"I will do a new thing". (Is. 43.19)

This is followed by, "a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert."

So this is the new thing - 
a way, a path, and an end to the tracklessness of the wastelands.
     It is an end to the frustration of lostness, and purposelessness.
     It is an end to the days without horizon or hope.
     It is an end to the progression of time without progress in life.

It is a pathway which leaves the old behind,
and gives a sure access to the new.
     It is direction and purpose.
     It is the way to new horizons and new habitations.
     It is the way to the place prepared - on earth and in heaven.

Rivers - it is the unmeasurable and ever-renewed supply which transforms the desert. 
     It is the full and overflowing measure of God's provision.
     It is the certainty of sufficiency for all the days of our lives.

God says, "I will do it."
Notice the word "even" - even a path, even rivers … 
     obstacles cleared away,
          provision unhindered.

How much greater than all the resources of the desert world around us.
How much greater than a suffering through, and scraping by, in the desert places.

"I will do a New Thing."

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Our Place

This year has only just come to birth, and there are still 360 days left till the year's end.
What possibilities does this year hold for the child of God?

It wasn't a new year when Moses stood before the Red Sea, 
but it was a new stage of life which lay before him and the children of Israel.

After leaving the bondage of Egypt the road ahead was now totally blocked by the waters of the sea.
Humanly speaking they had reached the end.
Their journey had finished as soon as it had begun, and there was no way forward.

A journey lay behind him,
from the ark in the waters of the Nile,
to the court of pharaoh,
to the exile in the desert,
to the return to Egypt.

And a journey lay before him.
A journey to an unknown land,
through unknown challenges of unknown days.

It was at this juncture that God spoke.

     It was here that Moses both heard and obeyed,
          and stretched his hand over the impossible waters.

Think of Moses stretching forth his hand over the sea … 
     What an authority he took from the very hand of God. 
     What a place to enter with God!
     What a step to take before the presence of all Israel.
     What a challenge to the forces of nature.

That last step out of Egypt must have marked a turning point in Moses' life in his relation to the realm of God.
          He took his step alone without human support,
               and entered his place as a son of God.

I feel that this is a time that we are all being challenged to find a new realm in God,
     in the presence of all that surrounds us,
          standing before all that seems impossible,
               and all that would deny us a way forward.

In the days of this year stretching before us let us take our place, and find the fulness of God's purpose for our lives.
Let us step beyond the known, and find God as our sufficiency in the unexplored days which lie ahead.

Here is God's promise:
"Call unto Me, and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." (Jer. 33.3)

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Getting Serious

I recently happened to hear a recording of a choir singing one of Charles Wesley's hymns.

I heard the words and I heard the music, but I missed the Spirit of God in the interpretation.
The thought flashed through my mind, "What must it have been to be present at the moment when that hymn was sung the best it was ever sung on earth?"

What must it have been when the atmosphere was pregnant with the Presence of God
- when the words captivated the spirit of those present,
- when the singers forgot everything earthly, 
- when beyond trials and travails they lifted their voice to God alone?

What to live for a moment beyond time and space and touch Eternity?

There must have been a glory in that place, a touch of the measurelessness of God's world.

There was a time when I used to ride my bike to school … seven miles through winding road, uphill and downhill, and through the town.
Not liking school I would set off late, and then after school try to get away home as fast as possible.
My aim on those rides was to set a new best time every time I rode, and this meant forgetting yesterday's ride, ignoring all around, and concentrating on pushing the limits day after day.

I don't know the worth of those morning and evening rides, but my mind jumps to the spiritual realm.
Are the things we declare important, really important to us?
Should there not be a similar:
"forgetting those things which are behind, 
and reaching forth to those things which are before"?(Phil. 3.13)

Should there not be an awareness,
a reaching past changeable things to the Unchangeable,
a reaching from the things of time to Things Eternal, 
a going beyond the earthly to the Heavenly?

Should there not be an intensity, a fleeing from the area of our comfortable existence amidst earthly things to the places where God Himself is both our Way and our Destiny?

John (1.11) says, "He came unto His own, and His own received Him not," - a terrible indictment.
As He comes day by day to our lives, the only thing which is ours to give Him is an intensity of response.

As we come into a New Year, 
everyday is a world on its own, 
and the present day is all we have.

Can we go beyond our obstacles today?
Can we go beyond our apathy today?

The day is ours, for us to seek with all our strength that He might fill it.