Wednesday, April 8, 2020

"There is a God"

"There is a God."

This was Daniel's declaration when he stood before the king.
     After being taken captive, 
          the journey to Babylon, 
               the appointment to the king's court, 
Daniel stands under sentence of death when he declares, 
     as the solution to the king's problem, 
          as the solution to his own problem,
               "There is a God." (Dan 2.28)

This declaration of faith raised Daniel from the position of a mere captive 
to the position of ruler over the province of Babylon -
ruler over the place of man's defeat and confusion, 
the place of the building of its tower of Babel.
For Daniel there was no defeat or confusion for he believed:
"There is a God." 

It was a declaration that changed everything
It stood over, above, and beyond everything of earth.
It brought the God of heaven to the court of Nebuchadnezzar.

If only Adam could have met the temptation in Eden saying,
"There is a God."
If only the kings of Israel and Judah could have made the same declaration when confronting invading armies.
If only Israel could have said, "there is a God" when tempted to serve other gods.

If God's people today could stand on the ground of this declaration, 
     how different things would be in the church and in the world.

May God make it real to us, in the deepest depths of our soul.
     May we see this truth lifted up above every earthly power.
          May the Holy Spirit quicken us to take hold,
               and find the Life and Light of God,
                    as we say, 
                         "THERE IS A GOD."

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Meeting God in the Darkness

And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel. (Is. 45.3)
We like Clarity, Simplicity and a free path forward,
but the God of the Bible is beyond our facile theories
and our human concepts.

David is speaking autobiographically in Psalm 18, 
and he speaks of God answering his cry,
and coming in a trembling earth,
a shaking heaven,
darkness and thick clouds,
with winds and burning,
and a shaking of the foundations of nature.

"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death." (Ps. 23.4)
Why would God allow His children to experience the terrors of a shadow caused by Death?
Why would He allow them to be exposed to the fear of being hemmed in by unmovable mountain walls?
Why would He allow their path to go through a place of no escape?
Why would He do all this unless it were for the reason of knowing Him as greater than the greatness of the valley?

A similar thought is expressed in Psalm 107:
 "They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters;

these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.
... They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths: 
their soul is melted because of trouble."

"These see"... because their souls have known the melting of trouble.
Others don't see, because they have always sought their ease,
and avoided the cost of a deeper knowledge of the realm of God.
We live in a generation which seeks to avoid the negative, 
and to experience only the positive.
Salvation without Damnation,
Healing without Hurt,
Hope without Despair.

It is a  time when men seek:
Light without Darkness,
Joy without sorrow,
Knowledge without the hard process of Learning,
Maturity without Aging,
Fullness without Emptiness,
Joy without Sorrow,
Comfort without Mourning.

As we have said before,
the gospel has been turned upside down as we have become accustomed to possess the Kingdom of God without Poverty of spirit,
and as we seek to possess the earth without paying the price of meekness.

Abraham, the "friend of God" experienced "the horror of a great darkness"
(Gen. 15.12) before receiving a clearer word from God.

There are treasures which are only to be found in the darkness -
not merely a coming out to Light but Treasures,
and beyond the other treasures -

             the treasure of knowing that the One Who comes in darkness 
                  is our Lord and our God.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

To the Dregs

God does not mess around -
     His blessing is given in full measure, 
          and His judgements also. 

Judgement is not only the portion of the world, but also of the disobedient church.
In the process of God's working with Israel there was a full measure of both blessing and judgement.

Isaiah prophesied to Jerusalem -
     (not just Israel but Jerusalem, the very center of Israel's glory,)
"Jerusalem, which hast drunk at the hand of the LORD the cup of his fury; 
thou hast drunken the dregs of the cup of trembling, and wrung them out." 
(Isa 51.17)
     "The dregs" - it is a picture of the bitter, inescapable, end.

     It was not just the cup but even to the dregs had to be drunk.

Today, I wonder what will bring us to awareness.
We seem to be still proclaiming peace and safety, in the face of a calamity which we can neither measure nor arrest.

If God desires to bring us to an awareness of the limits of our pride, 
and our abilities, the question is how much more will it take?

Everything which God has appointed must be fulfilled.
     The full measure of chastisement must be taken. 

There is an option to judgement:
Isaiah says (1.19) "If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land." 
This is truth unalterable. This is our proffered inheritance.

One translation of Job 42.16 says, "he died at last as old men die, 
that have taken their full toll of the years."
How different from our common expression that "the years take their toll."
Job was in control here - it was he who collected toll of the years!
Does it sometimes seem that in our lives we are 'drinking the dregs' of the years?
It doesn't have to be that way, we can take toll of our years.
     Instead of the years taking from us,
          and leaving us the bitterness, and frustration, of loss.
               There is an invitation to know the fullness of a realized Life.
Time can add yet more and more to our possessions in Christ.
The "good of the land" is still there for those who follow hard after their God.

Monday, March 23, 2020

What is a prophet?

What is a Prophet?

The prophet is one who has faced the unchangeable realities of the spiritual world and who has lost his earthly values.
He sees himself, like John, as a voice in a desert world.
He is one who has caught a heavenly vision 
which renders everything of earth opaque.

His vision of God makes him acutely aware of that which is not of God -
and so he hurts and burns for the state of an apostate church which presents itself as needing nothing.
As he sees man seeking a glory which is God's alone - he burns.
As he sees man hewing a way where God's demands have been removed - he burns.
He sees a church built on the principles of secular business, numbers and influence and he burns. 

A prophet is not self-appointed, or appointed by man.
 A prophet is not self-anointed to the task - rather he is called from on High.
The prophet is not clueless regarding the true state of things around him.  -
rather he sees them from Another Perspective. 
The true prophet knows nothing of a way of easy attainment.
His ministry has been found at the cost of a total surrender of every area of his life to the Almighty.

A prophet will not lower the standard of a Holy God,
nor will he make the Way easier.

He has no need of an "echo chamber" of praise from his fellows.
He dangles no fairy-tale promises before his hearers.
He does not confuse a man made way of unending gifts and blessings,
with the high demands of the way of God's dealings.

He does not fish for "support" for his person or his ministry.
His "gift" is not for sale.
He has no need of "followers" nor of "partners."
He seeks no praise of man, nor any recognition of earth.

The prophet is one who has faced the Unchangeable Realities of the spiritual world, and who has lost his earthly values.
He is one who has caught a heavenly vision 
     which renders everything of earth opaque.
He sees himself, like John, as a voice in a  desert world

He has felt the Wonder, and the Beauty, and the Burning, of Reality.
He has seen Realms beyond the earthly, 
and things of earth now hold no value to him.
He walks through this world as through a foreign country -
as one who can never be satisfied with that which surrounds him.

As Moses said ... would God that all the LORD'S people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them! (Num. 11.29)

As children of Light we can all share a degree of prophetic vision.

"Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." (Jn. 16.24)

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Where is God?

The earth has been shaken before, 
but in our collective memory the greatest disruptions, 
and the wars, have been man generated.

I fear that at this time we are seeing God Himself taking measures:
Perhaps we are seeing God Himself, the One who has all things under His control, allowing what is taking place.
Have we not felt for a long time that something had to shake the world and the church? 
His people, which are called by His name, have not humbled themselves, and prayed, and sought His face, and turned from their wicked ways; 
so, He didn't forgive their sins, and cannot  heal their land... and the world does not have a chance with a church in this state.
God has taken measures against a generation whose Pride and Self-sufficiency has risen up against all that God has set forth as the only Path of Life.

We have nations and societies who see their fluctuating morals as a path for the world to follow;
nations who see themselves as destined to rule the world.
And we have those who see themselves as capable and necessary to direct other nations.

This time the politicians have no answers, 
     and the best solution they can come up with is to "get out of the way" 
          and hunker down until things get better.
Entire nations are trying to close their doors to the rest of the world,
     all is affected from the schools, to the workplace, to the markets.

Can it be that in the churches we have those who see themselves as appointed to show the way,
     calling themselves "prophets" 
          they didn't see the beginning of it, 
               and are now telling us they know the end of it?...really???

Pride is a lifting up of oneself to a place beyond his attaining.
Pride always ends badly, whether in the church or in the world.

An old prophet's word from thirty years ago resounds within me today,
but church and society are not yet ready to hear it.

Every crisis marks an end and a beginning.
"Each age is an age that is dying, or one that is coming to birth."

We can't go back to yesterday -
     the safety and the peace of yesterday is no more.
Predictability is no more.
     We cannot plan when the future is unknown.

One looks at those books of the Bible which focus on the unseen, spiritual causes,
and one sees an overarching Purpose of the God Who fills all in all.
     Ezekiel seventy times says that "they shall know that I am the Lord."
     John says, "these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ" (Jn. 20.31)

Beyond the collapse of man's attainments, and man's pride, God abides.
     And His purpose, and His kingdom must prevail.

God has all the answers to all our life's needs.
     As we commit ourselves to God,
          with all that we have,
               and all that we are,
                    with all the intensity of the Life which He has put within us       
 He will be found of us. 

PS. Maybe now is the time we need to learn about "strong crying and tears."
(Heb. 5.7)

Friday, March 13, 2020

Dancing in Nakedness of Spirit

A Lutheran pastor, Richard Wurmbrand, wrote of his experience during fourteen years of imprisonment in the Soviet Union.
Alone in his cell,
stripped of all resources,
stripped of every vestige of human dignity,
and with a body and mind ravaged by the tortures to which he was subjected,
in the total nakedness of his humanity - he met God in a new way.

Neither his education, nor his church tradition, provided answers.
That which he had lost in the years of suffering
     left him devoid of strength of body and mind, 
          grasping to merely exist.  

With his mind crumbling,
     and falling apart,
          he wasn't sure of his sanity.
But he discovered that, beyond all the lacking resources,
     he could come to God and offer himself.

He saw that his broken body and mind were no impediment.
He found that even the mad had a voice,
     something to be expressed.
and there he worshiped in utter simplicity, 
     clumsily, dancing before the Lord.

It made me wonder, can we come to the place to which he came?
     Can we do as he did?
Do the things we possess, the things we "know,"
     the fears and traditions of our society,
          and our churches, hold us prisoner?
     Are we free enough to lay it all down when we come to God? 

I am sure that the pastor who came out of the years of imprisonment, 
was a different man than the one who entered the prison.
In losing everything  earthly he was set free,
and his eyes were opened to understand as he had never understood before.

In God we are all given freedom which is Absolute.
The only bonds which can bind the child of God are the bonds of his own making.
But having been set free it is so easy to return again to bondage.
Like Peter on the water, we look around and sink.

Someday in heaven there will be no covering veil,
no fetters upon our spirits.
In that day all those who are gathered there will release the infinite song of recognition of the One Who fills all in all.
In that day the heavens will ring with the sound of unfettered praise.

Why do we not rise up from the earthly, 
and taking our freedom, 
render a free response of all that we are 
to the One Who reigns forever and ever?

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

God of the Bible

"This is our God, we have waited for Him." (Is. 25.9)

Fulfillment is to find the God we have sought,
     and to see Him as He is. 
To be able to say, "This is the One I have sought,
     this is the One Whose call captured my spirit."

We are lost if the God we seek is the God of religious tradition,
or the imagination of a religious delirium -
a fantasy of human imagination, 
a dream of unfounded promise. 

I fear that many are caught out by man made pictures of Who God is,
and have built an edifice without foundations.

God, and God's world, are beyond everything human.

A hundred years ago young George Boole felt the constrained to explain the working of the human mind.
In his search he hit upon a form of algebra which operated with two components, not numbers, but only "yes" or "no."
His discovery did not seem to have a practical application in his own day but today, two billion computers around the world use this method to drive the world's information.
And on the basis of this discovery a search engine can find almost instantly the answers to our queries.

Beyond the world of man exists the world of God.
     In God all is "yes" - and without God all is "no."
          And all this world, and all eternity, hangs on this simple truth.

There is "no shadow of turning" with God. (Jas. 1.17)
     there is no mixture in God's truth.
And God imparts the knowledge of Himself to His own, 
     not through the efforts of the mind, 
          but through revelation to the spirit.
Without revelation it is impossible to rightly understand the things of God.

Man has made a sad mess of this world.
Our pride has blinded us to our ignorance,
     and failure has been met  by a redoubling of our efforts,
          leading to yet greater failure.

There is coming a day 
     when "the loftiness of man shall be bowed down, 
          and the haughtiness of men shall be made low: 
               and the LORD alone shall be exalted" (Is.2.17)

We can live in that day even now 
if we but bow ourselves,
and lift God up above every other thing.

If we but "let God be True," (Rom. 3.4), and consider all else without value. 
Then we will find ourselves able to say:
"This is our God we have waited for Him ....we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation."


Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Answer

"Looking unto Jesus".... (Heb. 12.2)

Nothing more - nothing less.
     It could not be more simple -
          and it could not be more difficult.

Man delights in complicating things.
And delights in laying out steps, from here to his goals.
We all love laying out a road map, with way markers and warnings.

We love processes, but the simplicity of the gospel offends.
The accessibility of the gospel is a stumbling block.
The denial of our input in merely looking causes us to balk.

God is the Creator,
     but man itches to "make." 
At the beginning of God's rules for man,
     God says, "Thou shalt not make..."

All of the disaster of a fallen world has come about through man's intervention 
- mans "making."

The perfection of God's Creation,
     the perfection of God's Path of Life,
          can never be improved.

To touch is to mar,
     to alter is to destroy. 

There must be an infinite sorrow in heaven 
     as God looks down upon those called by His Name,
          and sees them running blindly in their darkness,
               unrestrained in the plans and projects 
                    which they undertake "for Him."

Let us, who are of the day, "walk in the Light of the Lord." (Is. 2.5)


Friday, February 28, 2020

The End

"All the foundations of the earth are out of course." (Ps. 82.5)

Man knows not how to build a society, a world.
     Disorder always seems to be advancing,
         and man never abandons that which has failed -
              it is merely recycled in another guise,
                   with the promise that this time the result will be different.

Sadly, as goes the world so goes the church.
We hear voices which prophesy of a wonderful future
where all our hopes and dreams will be satisfied to overflowing.

We seek vainly for voices which authoritatively proclaim 
     the grace of God for today,
          the ministration of the Life of God today.

We hear that Fullness, like freedom, is "just around the corner,"
     but the corner never gets closer.
And lives continue without finding the promise fulfilled.

Well, tomorrow will be what it will be -
     but God abides unchanging today.
Today is the day to hear His voice,
     to find His portion.
Today is the day for our cups to overflow.

Today God says to each of us,
"Ye shall seek Me, and find Me." (Jer.29.13)

The only condition attached is, that the seeking be with all our hearts.
The only question is, can we do this?

Can we tear our hearts away from all else,
     the bad and the good, 
          and seek God alone 
               to find the fullness of Life in Him alone.

                         He calls ... He waits.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Falling Scales

"There fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith." (Acts 9.18)
What happened to Paul?

First the Light from heaven blinded him,
     and then freed him from Darkness.
He came to a place of Spiritual Sight.

Darkness enchains.
It is a sort of premature death. 

It is a place where there is no here nor there.
     It is a sphere where everything disappears.
          a place where there are no forms nor colors,
               no dimensions of distance or size.
When Paul was set free from darkness he saw all things clearly.
     He saw in the spiritual realm.
          He saw the here and the there.
               He saw the distances and the values.
He saw a New Way of Life opening before him.
He saw that the things in which he had trusted in the past were of no value,
     that all values were to be measured in the heavenly Light.
          that nothing had value apart from that Light.

He saw life as a journey to that world where Light will be known in its fulness.
He saw a world immersed in darkness to which he was sent as a messenger of the Light which had illuminated all his way.

This is all our calling,
     not to a complicated "religion." 
          but to walk in the Light.

And to show forth the power of the Light which God has bestowed upon us.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Where is Reality?

Was there ever so much talking,
and was there ever so little evidence,
of Reality?

We live in a world of change,
and the sea of change surges around us.
Yesterday's values are no more.
They have been replaced by "new and improved" understanding.

Truth has become whatever the individual wants it to be.
Man has become the center and the whole of existence.

The surging waters of change have flooded the world,
and subtilly their influence has crept into the church.
Pastors have to be careful in their condemnations of sin
because they may offend the sinners and their sympathizers!

I am convinced that the God of the Bible is absolute,
there are no "degrees of certainty" in any of His ways.
That which is of God IS for all eternity - forever unchangeable.
And that which is NOT can never be made to fit into the Kingdom of God.

Time rolls on but cannot bring change to that which God made perfect.
     His Work stands.
          His Word stands.
               His Kingdom and His Church know no change.

Man is ever seeking and when he doesn't find that which is Real,
     that which is of God,
then he follows after things which are illusionary in their promises,
     and empty of any fulfillment.
He reels, and tumbles along in a downward spiral, 
     trying to satisfy something which created things can never satisfy.

We have people prophesying that in the next move of God 
He alone will be exalted,
and yet in the meantime they have their followers, subscribers and "partners."
There seems to be something wrong with this picture...

 "At evening time it shall be light." (Zec. 14.7)
As earth darkens, God is near to hear those who call,
    is found of those who seek.

Whatever may be the move of God in future days,
     God waits to meet those who seek Him,
          waits to satisfy the hunger of their hearts,
               waits to enlarge the measure of their souls,
                    and to cause their cups to overflow. (Ps. 23)

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Beyond Our Need

It has been said that there is a way of thinking in the western world,
     which declares everything to be connected by cause and effect -
          and if we only apply ourselves we can make of our world what we want.

Also it  is said that there is a way of thinking in the eastern world,
     which says that everything is chaotic, without order,
          and there is nothing can be done,
               except to try to cooperate with the chaos
                    in order to affect the outcome a little bit.

The Christian lives in a spiritual world where God the Creator dwells.
And it is God, and God alone, Who determines the movement 
     and the outcome of things on earth.
It is God Who determines the outcomes of our lives.

There is a phrase which resounds within me this morning, "He is the Creator." 
     "All things were made by Him." (Jn. 1.3)

John starts his gospel record, not with the account of the earthly story
     but by first presenting the heavenly context.
What happens on earth is the outworking of the Heavenly Kingdom,
     of the thing which God wills to do.

Sometimes it is necessary to lift our eyes, 
     until we no longer see the earthly workings of things, 
          until we see far above and beyond these things 
               that there is a God -
               "Who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will." (Eph. 1.11)

Unless our lives are grounded in this truth we will be like 
     "a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed." (Jas. 1.6)

                         This is Surety - this is Rest.
               Here is Purpose - and Here is Fulfillment.


Friday, February 7, 2020

Prerequisites of the Kingdom

Everything in the spiritual world is centered in God alone.

Everything in the enemy's world is centered deposing that order.

"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: 
for they are foolishness unto him: 
neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." (1Cor. 2.14)

"Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, 
ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." (Mt. 18.3)

Paul's commission was:
"To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light." (Acts26.18)

These few verses show the unbridgeable division between man's world 
and the spiritual world Jesus came to open.
     God alone opens this world and causes us to see.
  As we seek to understand the things of God we must first bow our knees, 
in a surrender body and mind to Him.

Paul says again, "What things were gain to me, those I counted but loss for Christ." (Phil.3.7)
     This is the only way to come.
          away from myself, and unto God.

How hard it is to turn away from the world of our own making,
the world of our experiences, our learning, our structures,
but I cannot pray "Thy Kingdom Come" unless I truly come to this place. 

 "Jesus ... and saith unto them, 
Children, how hard is it for them that trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of God!" (Mark 10.24)
     In a wider sense - riches are anything we trust in.

In the Kingdom of God, 
     the King is Present,
          the King is Ruling,
               the King is Working.

Without these 3 elements there is no Kingdom.
     And as we seek to draw near we turn 
     in utter surrender, 
          and utter dependence 
               on the work of God's Spirit within us.

Thus, will we find the Door to the Kingdom.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kingdom Coming

"Thy Kingdom come." (Mt.6.10)

Each word of the phrase is tremendously important.

As we come to this prayer,
     the first thing we need to do is to ask God to show  us what "Thy" means -
          "Thy" - can never mean the same as "my!"

"THY" - everything else is excluded:
     It is God alone.
          It is an absolute separation unto God.
               It is an absolute dedication to God.

We cannot understand the dimension of this total separation unless God reveals it.
Our human nature is so predominant in all we think and do,
that we can only separate things if the Spirit of God quickens us to do so.

Our minds unaided cannot understand, or receive,
     the Kingdom of the One Who reigns alone.

This is a prayer of dependence.
     This is a prayer for that which alone has value. 

While I am trusting in myself I am denying God.
     Declaring my sufficiency is declaring God insufficient.
          Declaring my capability is a losing of the realm of God's supply.

The first part of the prayer says, 
"hallowed be Thy Name"...hallowed - set apart.
     It is to be removed far from every other thing.

How hard it is for man to ever fully realize what this means in his living - 
a life lived for God alone.
     Yet those who find it, find a relief,
          a rest, and a refuge from all the conflict of a fallen world.

Only the Spirit of God can reveal God,
     and show us the endless distance 
          between the highest thing we can offer and the realm of God.

          It is a letting go of all that is ours,
               and a giving all, to the One Who is All in All.

Friday, January 31, 2020

No More

God speaks in Job 38.11, "Here shall thy proud winds be stayed"

It is interesting that the waves are associated with pride
- uplifting and advancing with resistless force.

What a picture of the enemy - 
     unstoppable in his pride and destructive force until God decrees.

Here at the bottom of Argentina lies Cape Horn,
where the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Antartic Oceans meet.
     Here the winds blow unchecked across the thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean.
          Here gigantic waves are formed and it has been estimated that in these seas 800 ships and over 10,000 men were lost between the sixteenth and the twentieth centuries.

What a picture of destruction is there.
And what a picture of the waves which arise against the child of God.
     The waves are unchecked until God says, "Enough."

When God marks the spot and says "here,"
     the waves cannot advance one step more.
          When He says "here" the destructive power is no more. 

How great is God,
how great is His power, and His mercy.
     It is for us to believe,
          to take hold, 
               to stand firm.

 It is for us to repeat His declaration of promise,
      to say with Him, in faith, 
          "here shall thy proud waves be stayed."

This is the calm God bestows upon His own,
     a calm which is absolute and inviolable,
          a calm beyond the power of the enemy to desecrate.

             This is the place of our Comfort, our Safety and Renewal.


Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Oh, to Stand

The little word "stand" calls my attention today...
How many times, and in how many ways, the Bible calls us to stand.

From the time of Abraham we read of God's people standing up.
     It seems, of course, to speak of something more than a mere physical standing.
          It seems to be a statement of faith, commitment, and determination.

Paul in the New Testament exhorts us to  " withstand.. and having done all to stand." (Eph. 6.13)

It is the result of a quickening within that rises in the face of challenge.

     It is a standing to commence the battle,
          a standing throughout the battle.
               and a standing at the  end of the battle.

It is a rising up from things below,
     up from the mire and clay of earth,
          from weakness and apathy,
               from the impossibilities which would hem us in,
                    from the fears, the uncertainties, and the pressures of darkness.

It is a standing in the power of the Living Spirit within,
     it is a quickening of our mortality by the Immortal One.

It is a gathering to ourselves all that we have known and experienced of God.
     It is an unshakeable determination to hold that which has been given to us.
          It is a reaching out to "Thy Kingdom come." (Mat. 6.10)

      To Stand is to possess.
          To stand with God, is to possess the  Kingdom for which we pray.


Friday, January 24, 2020

The Task

I'm stuck. There is a word we use here, and I can't find an exact translation.
The word is "Tramite." 
"Tramite" is the procedure necessary in order to attain to a result.

I was impressed today with the fact that in my facing of the challenges of life the result has not to do with the visible things themselves 
          but with the invisible barriers which hinder accomplishment.

And so my task (tramite) has to do with the One Who disposes all things in heaven and earth.
     Nothing more and nothing less.

But it is not merely today's challenges which find their solution in God,
it is all the battles, all the wearing trials, of all my life.

In every circumstance of every day of my life, throughout the years,
     God holds the key, God disposes the results.
          All my dealings are with God

In short: All life's Answers are found in God.

The first verse of an old hymn says:
     Pray always pray;
     the Holy Spirit pleads
     within thee all thy daily,
     hourly needs.

And the last verse says:
     All earthly things  
     with earth 
     shall fade away;
     pray, always pray.

All that is earthly is but for a moment,
and only as we are able to see beyond that which surrounds us 
can we understand the true value of things,
can we begin to understand the heavenly realm.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood" says the apostle. (Eph 6.12)
     And so all through our years, 
           we find life in the measure in which we find of God.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

That Which is to Come

One thing about the word "greater" ... when it refers to God, 
     it refers to something far beyond the ability of our minds to grasp.

Even if we look at created things (which is the smallest part of God's working)
     Someone has estimated the number of stars at          1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. 
     At the other end of the scale there are perhaps 
  43,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in a grain of sand - 
God put all those atoms in a grain of sand ... 
so how many atoms are there in the universe???

Now, as the chorus says, "How great is God?"
How great distance which His condescension led Him to stoop to man?

God calls us to Himself. How great is that call?
How great is the power which works to make it possible?
How great is the Love, the Mercy, the Tenderness of God's seeking?
How unfailing the undergirding which comes with this call to our hearts?

With God nothing is impossible. (Lk. 1.37)
     If our hearts reach out then
          God's gift of faith will meet us.

As a church we have gone back from the time when the streams of Salvation, Healing, and Holy Ghost baptism met at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The Glory, the Freshness and the Power of those days are no longer amongst us.
God Himself is no longer the All in All in our midst,
as He was for those who experienced the outpouring of the Spirit of God 
those years ago.

Someone told me of those early days, "We KNEW that God would come and manifest Himself every time we were in a meeting."
Today? Where are we today?

Today we are structured and bound by our conventions.
Today we have substituted programs for vision.
Today we have taken our eyes off God and are looking for men to guide us.

We think we know when we know nothing.
Man looks for the "latest and greatest" 
     but God desires that we humble ourselves 
          that He might do His work.

Isaiah 2 speaks of that which will be in the Last Days,
     the days when man's pride will be humbled and God alone exalted,
          the days when God's Call to man will Culminate in Fulfillment.

It is a time to cease to try to understand the future through the eyes of the past.
     It is a time to seek the Lord alone.
          It is a time to go up to the mountain of the Lord,
               to the place where He will teach us of His ways,
                    where we will walk in His paths. (vs 3)