Friday, July 13, 2018

Beyond the Flesh

"O Thou that hearest prayer, unto Thee shall all flesh come." (Ps. 65.2)

Maybe it helps to read it backwards....All flesh shall come unto Thee, O Thou that hearest prayer.

It doesn't say "all spirits come", or "all hearts come"- It speaks of the flesh.
To me it speaks of our mortality, of our weakness.
It speaks of the flesh, weary and insensitive.
It speaks of our self-absorbed confusion, 
and it speaks of our headstrong blindness.

It speaks of the flesh which attempts so much and yet achieves so little.
It speaks of the flesh whose strength is never sufficient to carry us through.
In short, it speaks of the clay-fettered spirit of us all.

But the verse opens a door ... to this poor limited flesh it says "Come."
This weakest of flesh can look upon something beyond itself.

 In the immensity of God there is an acceptance, no part is excluded.
All the height and depth, and length and breadth of our limitations can be brought and left with the Creator.

There, where all human resources have come to an end, God awaits us. He "hears" says the verse, and calls us to reach forth to His mercy and His resources.
When He hears He acts, and we are not alone.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Come ... In Earth

"Come ... in Earth" (Lk. 11.2)

This seems to be the missing element in our praying and our living

We hear prayers , and perhaps pray prayers, in desperate situations, ending with the words "ïf it be Thy will." 
And those closing words are really nothing more than an excuse for our lack of faith, of knowledge, of will.
It is so easy to profess so much, and yet know so little
'We have not wrought wrought any deliverance in the earth." (Is 26.18) 

"Come" until we find ourselves out beyond the reach of all earthly kingdoms and all earthly conditions..
"Come" with all I am - and all I lack; with everything that I have and everything that I don't have.
Come with all, all, all that I am concious of.

On earth there are many things which are distant from where we live - a distant truth.
Suffering is a distant suffering ...another's suffering. 
Faith is a mental thing distant from reality.
Even the words we find written in the Bible ...distant ...separated from where we live our daily life, from our feelings, from our thoughts.
And life goes by day by day, a day at a time, a day at a time.

All things are distant until they become personal.
     When it becomes my pain, 
          when it becomes my revelation - only then is it real.
Then, then, we can pray and ask God to do in earth as in heaven.

Deep calleth unto deep ... how deep are the infinite depths of God?
God calls us to the depths of eternal things respond to a Reality which this world knows nothing about.
To seek and to find the One Who "worketh all things." (Eph 1.11)

Friday, June 29, 2018

The Few

Searching for reality ... 
     for an all-sufficient reality ...
          a Life giving reality ...
               an earth shaking reality.

As in Mt. 7.14 "Few there be that find it,"  - a happy few.

Aren't these words still true; and perhaps never more true than in our day of multiplied distractions?
We speak of the increase in knowledge and in science, but we account little of the multiplied means of distraction in our connected world.
What a trap is there for the child of God.
How easily time, and with it life, is stolen from us by these things. 

The reality of God is neither visible, nor fully understandable to the mind alone.

God is the Only Reality... to be sought and found - the Invisible ruling over the  visible - far beyond our religious exercises, and our fickle, baseless dreams.
'We grovel amongst trifles, and our spirits fret and toss'
And we tend to pursue all the unnecessary things, and none of the essential.

What a blessing, when we lose the trivialities of life, and are led to the well which springs up unceasingly to life eternal.

What a blessing, when beyond the processes of the mind, we are changed from glory to glory.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

"There is a Place"

There are times when truth lies beyond what words are able to explain.
There are things which must be known not by the mind but by the heart.

"The things of the Spirit of God ... are spiritually discerned" says the apostle 
(1 Cor 2.14)
Words cannot explain - they can only point the way.

When Moses saw God's glory he stood in a "place" where God appointed.

It is a very hard and yet a very simple thing that God sets before us.

It is a Choice ... 
     simple because the decision is simple,
          and hard because the decision is costly.

We cannot possess two worlds, and if we are to see and possess the realm where God dwells, we must leave behind the values and accoutrements that this world finds dear.

Again, beyond the processes of thought we must come to a place  where we believe God and rest ourselves in Him - a place where He Himself gives meaning to life.
In that place all is quickened with Life because He quickens all.

Faith and understanding and Life will not have to be sought because they flow from Him as water flows from a  spring.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

How do we See?

Shall ye not know it? (Is. 43.19)

So many things God desires for us to know.
So many things are hid from earthly eyes.
So many things which can only be perceived and understood through spiritual vision.

It seems paradoxical but containing a large measure of truth, that the more we try to understand and interpret God through our minds, the farther we find ourselves from the truth as it is in Him.

We butt our heads against the wall of unknowing, and the less result we find the more we insist!

The old saying, "Let go and let God" is perhaps never more applicable than in our seeking of Him.
     He alone is the Light.
          He alone bestows sight.
Without Him frustration piles upon frustration,
and without Him despair piles upon despair.

"Pour out you heart before Him." (Ps. 62.8)

If we can only find this utter simplicity,
and forget all else,
we will soon find Him leading us, 
to those realms where the heart is satisfied.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Reality or Fantasy?

That which is of God is Reality, and all else is Fantasy.

Looking back I am surprised at how little is taught in all our Christian
venues of the essential meeting with Reality.

We sing hymns and don’t see beyond the words set to music.
We go to classes and don’t hear an imperative voice directing us to our
true Destination.
We read magazines about outreaches, programs and words of

We study apologetics and theology and the “how to” of evangelistic
outreach and yet we are not shocked with the impartation of Life.
We talk about Life, we sing about Life, we testify about Life and yet...

Somehow in it all, with all our looking we fail to see, and with all our
hearing we never hear the one essential thing.
Like the people in Jeremiah (2.13) we have forsaken the Fountain and
dug cisterns which are broken.
What we have, and practice, has lost all semblance of that thing which
God intended.

Our churches and our lives were meant to pulse with the very life of God
and yet this has been changed to talking about Him, perhaps on a level,
as Tozer said, of explaining the obvious.

As a church worldwide it would seem that we declare as Lord Byron,
“My days are in the yellow leaf,
the flowers and fruits of love are gone,
The worm, the canker and the grief,
Are mine….”

Two sins says Jeremiah...a forsaking and a digging.
By how far a distance have we left…
And to what places of stupidity has our superficiality or the man centered  “gospel” of our man engendered “interpretations” led us.
Mega-churches with multi million dollar "entertainment centers"
“Christian” cruises complete with “Christian” entertainment.
Trips to the “Holy Land” - for what?
It won't do us any good unless we can see that He is crucified day by day in every habitation of man,
every street and every city in this vast world of ours.
"His crown of thorns is twined with every thorn, His cross is every tree."

In a poor and bleeding world, to what better use could our millions of
dollars have been put.

How many things to rise up in judgement against us!

Heaven weeps and God says,
“How many times would I have gathered you.”

There is yet, a Place where He meets His own,
a Place beyond time and circumstances,
a Place in the Spirit realm where all of earth is left behind -
a Place where it is just Himself and His own.
This is the Reality beyond all we see and know through earthly eyes.

“To day if ye will hear His voice” (Ps 95.7)- He calls us to know Him Who
is the Eternal Fountain of Life beyond measure.

And He promises us, “ye shall seek Me … and I will be found of you”
(Jer. 29.13,14)

Sunday, June 10, 2018

"There in Heaven"

Many years ago, at the end of a journey, I stood in a small room, in a small home, in a small town.
On a table lay a tiny coffin with the earthly remains of the baby daughter of the couple who lived in the house.

In the lamp-lit darkness, and the weeping rain, we sang - a little group of people and an accordion.
The song was known and simple, "There in Heaven will be no Sadness, nor Sorrow, nor more Pain."
In Spanish the first phrase was repeated three times, somewhat like the Hebrew repetitions in the Bible which enlarge the thought.

"There in heaven, there in heaven, there in heaven"...

The pathos of the moment lingers, and will linger while life lasts.

We think of heaven.
We think of all that awaits us there - and for sure this is heaven's greatest Reality.
But I think that perhaps here on earth we do well to spare a thought for all that will not be there.

We can look to a world without Sin ...
A world without Pain and the Wounds of Wrong ...
A world without Violence, Suffering and Death - death not just of the body but the death of Hopes, and Unfulfilled Dreams.

We can look to a world where the infinite Discord of our place of existence gives place to Endless  and Infinite Harmony.
We look to a place where the Bible phrase, "It came to pass" refers only to the Good and never to the Bad.

Jesus said, "I go" but the phrase did not end there, but continued ...

"I go to prepare a Place for You."   Blessed Assurance!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Problem We Face

"All things work together for good to them that love God" says Romans 8.28

All things work together ...

It is true in a negative sense also.
It is true in the world around us - things are not disconnected from each other.
The things we see around us are merely the symptoms of something deeper.
The world of which we are conscious is only part of a larger world.

Our problem today is not the perversion of society.
Our problem is not the collapse of things we thought unmovable.
Our problem is that these things are only the visible manifestations of something more profound.                   
These tragic things are but the components of a reordering of thought and action in the march of time.

Our problem is that we are come once again to a place where for all mankind the demand is for Absolute Conformity and Absolute Acceptance.

We face the absolute demands of newborn ideologies which teach that everything that man does is valid, that all perversions are legitimate and all the things that men may believe have equal value.

That which we experience in our lives is only a replay of the absolute demands of  Nebuchadnezzar, of Imperial Rome, of the Inquisition, of Nazi ism in Germany or  Communism in Russia and around the world.

Behind it all is the enemy who from the time of the Garden of Eden - seeks to supplant God as the one to whom we bow.

We need to separate that which is of God from that which is of the world.
We need to remember that man's ideologies never lead to freedom but always to bondage.

What confronts us in our day is no different than the confrontation of past days.
The evolution of our democracies is leading us now to the captivity of a total slavery.
Like the falling drops of water wearing away the stone, the constant repetition of these "values" through every medium of communication around the world brainwashes us, until we accept them without question as irrefutable truth.

We mock the gullibleness of past generations and yet we swallow the same lies and walk the same paths as they.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice ... and they follow Me." Jn. 10.27
If we hear and follow Him we will not be deceived by the voices of society around us.
We will not bow to voices which call us, nor abandon the path which God has opened for our feet.
He is Life and He is Truth - the only Absolute for time and for eternity.

Friday, May 25, 2018

What guides us?

"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God." Rom. 8.14

By how many things are men led?
From the churches to the streets, how many run after the mirages of false promises?

Our supreme need in a world of darkness, is to open our beings to the leading of God.
We need to follow not our minds, or emotions, or desires, but to give place and be sensitive to the Spirit of God which is within us.

He is the One Who will "guide you into all truth." Jn. 16.13

We live in a world where, throughout the nations, men are crying in the surrounding darkness,
a world where hell has enlarged her mouth. (Is. 5.4)
In a world where pain and suffering, hurt and anguish, multiply like a virus - we need God.

God hears the cry of  pain.
     God knows the depths of hurt.

So much knowledge is head knowledge, and so little is the illumination of the Spirit

It is for us to believe as never before, and for ourselves and our families and our world, to take fast hold of the promise ...

"And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart." Jer. 29.13

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Our Need

"Hast thou but one blessing?" Gen. 27.38

This was the cry of Esau to his father when he saw himself deprived of the blessing which was intended to have been his portion.

There was not the faintest shadow of a doubt about the importance of the blessing obtained.
There was not the slightest doubt about the importance of the blessing lost.

The theme runs all through the Bible starting with the creation of man.
What then is a blessing?
Blessing is when God draws near, and says that He will do in our lives.
Blessing is what takes us out of the sphere of the natural and into the larger realm of the spiritual.

Blessing lifts the life up to a New Level ...
up to new Resources ...
causes things to Come to Pass ...
opens a New Path ahead ...
and connects our lives to God.

More than a one time thing, blessing is an ongoing flow.

Blessing is our need, and without blessing our lives cannot rise above the limitations of earthly things.

This is what God would have us seek ... 
Let us, from the depths of our being, say with Jacob, "I will not let Thee go, except Thou bless me." Gen 32.26

Saturday, May 12, 2018

To Know

Eph. 3.19  To Know ... to be Filled...

"To know" ... the words echo within - like the rumble of the non-stop thunder that sounds across the pampas when the rain comes.

Paul's prayer finds an echo within and becomes my prayer.
It is somehow beyond my capacity to comprehend and yet it makes itself known. 
"To know .... to know .... to know" - resounding on and on, beyond the mind's understanding - and yet so clear.
It is  the cry of a process in the depths.
It is a cry seeking with insistance to find revelation to the spirit - the realm where it is really needed.

We humans are inclined to condition our lives in such a way that all knowledge must come through the mind.
Our mind becomes the gatekeeper of our souls, and things greater than the mind can comprehend are lost to us.
The Spirit of God is held back by our clay-shuttered doors, and we are left to wither.

Let us leave behind our petty concepts and seek to know in our spirits, in the depths where Life dwells.

"To be Filled" with that which is not of man but fresh from the hand of God.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Not perish

Remembering today the hymn written over 100 years ago by William Cushing, when the order of society was starting to fall apart before the explosion of the first world war.

"Under His wings I am safely abiding,
Tho' the night deepens and tempests are wild ..."

And Jn 3.16, "shall not perish."

What a perishing world we live in.
The hopes of yesterday perish with advancing time,
yet the things we have trusted God for never perish.

Eternity is as broad as it is long, and that which is of God only increases.
He leads us from faith to faith, from victory to victory, from glory to glory.

"Though the night deepens" His rest increases within.
Things fall apart in the world of men and yet as they do He is unchangeable.

His faithfulness is eternal and our lives are, in the deepest recesses, untouchable.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

To See ... To Hear ...Introduction to Leonard Ravenhill book

Today we live in a time when we know everything and yet know nothing. 
It is a time when we have all the answers but nothing works.
It is a time when we need to find God afresh.

Somehow it was brought to my attention words which I had written a decade ago as an introduction to the Spanish translation of my father's book, Why Revival Tarries.
I quote them again here.

Have  things changed for the better now in the intervening years?


Beyond the visible lies the invisible.
Beyond the known extends the unknown.
Beyond the path trodden stretches the unexplored.
Beyond all the emptiness of the enemy lies the substance of God.
There are those in our midst who have seen, known and walked where others have not, and we do well to pay them heed.

My father's life stretched across the twentieth century, from seven years after its commencement until six years before its end.
At the time of his birth the kingdoms and empires of Europe existed as they had for generations.
Communist dominion and the World Wars were as yet unknown, and as his life unfolded he saw all these things come to birth and later die.
The world wars and the efforts of mankind to forge an enduring peace and a world of democracy ran their weary course, and failed before he reached his final rest.

He saw perhaps the beginning of the end - not the dawning of a new day but the falling of the night that precedes the dawn.
He saw the birth of a time without answers; a time when the old systems ceased to function and the new was yet unborn - a time of chaos, without form and empty.

He saw this kaleidoscope of change, and forcing his spiritual vision, his eyes were open to see the forces which operated around him.
Participating in a measure with He who sees the end from the beginning he was quickened to see the emptiness and fruitlessness of human schemes and projects, before they had ever reached their end.

This was the vision which made him what he was.
There could be no hesitation, no turning.
As I have said before, his religion was of the heart, the realm where the Spirit quickens life.
Other sources could not satisfy and produced within him a pain, a contempt and a weariness.
For him only the heart was important, and the only source that could minister to the heart of man was the Spirit of God; everything else was at enmity.
All the limits that reason, society or human weakness could present, were to be attacked without mercy.

He was fully alert to the world of mankind, the world of man's government and man's ambition, and yet he was awake also to the world of God and things unchangeable and eternal.

The vision of a man is born in a place apart.
John the Baptist from outside Jerusalem, from the desert, proclaimed his message to those steeped in their tradition. 
So in a way, the author of these pages spoke, from outside the comfort of the church's activities and its programs, with a message from a different place.

That which is seen by revelation is difficult to transmit to others.
Physical vision comes through the eyes and is interpreted by the mind.
A seeing person can invite another to look, but he can never transmit to a blind person what he has seen.
So in the realm of the spirit, beyond the mind and beyond emotions, that which is of the heart demands vision in the hearer if it is to be perceived.
Somewhere along the way there must be a quickening of the spirit.

There are things which are spiritually discerned or not discerned at all.
Throughout the years my father ministered in many churches, denominations, Christian organizations and to a multitude of individuals.
Many only perceived the external shell of his message, and yet left convinced that they had heard, and knew what Leonard Ravenhill's vision was.

So many times the message was lost to the hearers.
Perhaps it was because they never really wanted to know, and they were of those who hear the words without taking action.
Perhaps they were of those whose knowledge comes from the teachings of men; who were never quickened to see the things of God's kingdom.

The flame which converts the pool of gasoline into an uncontainable flame is useless when applied to water.
We need to draw near to any message from God leaving our own ideas behind. We need to draw near to any messenger sent from God, with a desire to stand where he has stood and to see what he has seen.

Only in this way can the message be transmitted to us and become life within us.

Let us pray with the psalmist, "Open Thou mine eyes that I may behold."

Saturday, April 28, 2018

What do we See?

It is so easy to look only at what we see around us! 

The  evil we see causes us hurt and amazement, but of far greater significance is the root from which this has sprung.

We see the moral undergirdings of the church, and of human society, blighted by an acceptance of perversions; and yet the perversions are only the fruit of something of far greater importance.

Our battle is not with the things we see, but with the unseen forces which move the things seen. Our fighting is  "against principalities, against powers." Eph 6.12

When we enter into heaven there will be an awareness of the Infiniteness of God's world.
It won't be about the golden streets, or the flowers of eternity, but the opening of our conciousness to Who God is.

Somehow this is true for us even while we are on earth.
When Peter confessed that Jesus was the Son of God, Jesus told him "I will give  unto thee the keys" - to bind and to loose with heavenly authority.
In other words, when Peter saw Who Jesus was, he was given of the same authority that he saw in Jesus.

The enemy seeks to fill our vision with earthly things, so that we may not see the things of the Spirit of God.
God calls us  day by day to lift our eyes to find the revelation of Him. 
He calls us to see our world become smaller.
He calls us to see our vision of Himself become greater.

We are invited to hear His voice saying to us also, "I will give unto thee" ... 
and to believe for the coming of His Kingdom in the days and in the circumstances of our lives.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Can we...?

"Behold, I make all things New."

     Can we see it?
          Can we begin to comprehend what it entails?

It is the outworking of a process which began in the Garden of Eden.
It is God taking back what was lost.

It is a restoration in order to form something Unbroken, Undestroyed ... something which is what He wants it to be.

It is a constant, unceasing flow of the Spirit of God overcoming all obstacles
and defeating all enemies.

The word says "all" and He would guide our spirits in all the areas of our lives.
He would show us that "all" means ... here, and here, and here.
"All" means each area which is broken, incomplete,  and incapable of sight or faith.

The question is how far will we follow?
How committed are we to lay aside the weights of life and press on through the confusion without and within, until we reach the realm where God's new creation fills all our horizons?

The rolled back stone in the garden at Easter opens before us a new world.
Old things are passed away and they will never come back.

This is the truth as it is in Him ... let us raise our eyes to "all," and reach out in faith and take it from His hand, a new and living way for the days and years of our lives.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


The apostle says, "the weapons of our warfare are ... mighty ... to the pulling down of strongholds." 2Cor. 4.10

Years ago a young man who had been heavily involved in the occult commented to my father that what the church knew as "spiritual warfare" was only warfare  on a superficial level.

There can be no major victories if we fight on a kindergarten level.

Pastor Blumhardt in 1840 prayed for two years until God came in deliverance and initiated a move of the spirit which brought people from all over Germany and other lands, even the Kaiser coming to see what was going on.

Pastor Long prayed for eight years around 1950, until there came a mighty move of God in the northern part of Argentina. 
This move was visited by a young David Wilkerson, and stirred him to believe for the moving of God in his own sphere of ministry.

     It is so easy to forget that beyond the seen lies the unseen, and the things we see are the fruits of that which is not seen. 
     It is so easy to forget that the battle is not to merely in order to cut off the visible tops of the weeds, but to do away with the unseen roots.

Paul saw, and battled against the unseen forces which produced the visible effects. For this reason he "turned the world upside down"  Acts. 17.6 
- not that he was turned upside down by the world around him! 

Any battle, any rebuking, any declaring, etc. which does not produce this kind of result is kindergarten activity.
True battle is to pray, and pray, and pray - until the spiritual strongholds are cast down and all things become new about our lives.

"Thy Kingdom Come!" Mt. 6.10

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Way to God

There is nothing that we can pass on to but that which we have glimpsed of Reality in our pilgrimage.
It seems to take far too long for the fog of this world to clear and for its noise to subside, but when a glimpse is given of Reality what a certainty is there; a foundation unshakable.

How hard it is to let go of what one thinks one knows. 
How easy it is to look for answers in the words of others who think they know.
What a loss, and what a poverty is theirs whose "fear toward me is taught by the precept of men." Is. 29.13
The enemy always tries to blind our hearts and minds to the certainties of God.

Two things come to mind as things in which the enemy has brought fear, confusion and defeat to churches and lives.

     The fear of Legalism: any word, any commandment, which is inflexible causes us terror.

     The fear of Mysticism: any inspiration of the Spirit of God which calls for us to surrender our control holds us fast in fear.

The traditional fundamentalist church fears the way of the Spirit.
And the charismatic church fears the absoluteness of God's law.
Fundamentalists cling to the way of the law alone. 
Charismatics seek only the "untethered" flow of the Spirit.

People are terrified to open themselves to more than they have been taught.

Sometimes we seem to be more occupied fighting certain aspects of God's truth than we are in fighting sin.
We either use the Law to fight the way of the  Spirit, or we look to the Spirit to annul the demands of the law.

For those who look to the Spirit free us from the law:
We must know that the laws and principles of God are eternally fixed -the Word will judge us and we cannot by any fancy "interpretation" change this. 

For those who look to the law to be the only guide to the spiritual life:
We must know that the Law without the Spirit is dead, and without the Spirit's constant quickening we are also dead. 

The bottom line is that the enemy succeeds in making us afraid to believe God...
     We are afraid that God's law will bind us and take away our liberty.
     We are afraid that the Spirit of God would carry us to an uncontrolled    extremism.

Let us embrace what some fear.
Let us hold fast the words God has spoken.
Let us open ourselves to the Spirit of God.
This is the Way ...

Let us rest in this: it is the law and the enduement of the Spirit of God that brings Life into focus, 
It is this which enables us to walk, to advance in that Life, and "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our...Lord and Savior." 2 Peter 3.18

Friday, April 13, 2018


In Jeremiah 15.19 God speaks of a condition, "if thou take forth the precious from the vile."

Some things are so simple if we could only believe them ... "if" and again"if."

It is interesting to reflect on the fact that our modern world is run by computers which are themselves run by the simplest of mathematics;
an area of mathematics where there are only two alternatives: yes or no ... True or False, represented by the numbers 1 and 0.

In our world everything is relative, everything, and every opinion has some value.
Yet if we want the right answers, we have to leave behind that which is relative, and go back to the "yes" and "no" of Truth to find our solution.

So it is in the Kingdom of God ... 
     we cannot alter it , 
          nor "interpret" it to fit our wishes, 
               or call it "legalism" if it doesn't suite us.

The Word must judge all things, and not we judge the Word.
     "Yes is "Yes," and "No"is "No."
          There is no middle ground.
               There are no shades of gray.

The Way is still strait, and there is not enough room in this Way for earth's extravagances, man's conditioning, or man's pride.

In God's Kingdom everything is Absolute, and that which is not Precious is Vile,
     and everything which is not Life is Death.
          As someone said, "Only that which comes from heaven will return to heaven."

The separating of the precious from the vile is not a painful thing for the child of God - God is not taking anything from us except our chains.
It is the Joy of leaving weights and burdens which would sap our strength and bind our feet.
It is the Joy of Freedom, of increasing Light, and Strength.

It is Life abundant - unalloyed with portions of death!

It is the fullness of God's Presence.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Come Away...

Two little words, "Come Away," (S. o. S. 2.10) ... and a world of significance.

I feel a Call...

In our Day, in this little hour of our existence, what a weight is in these words.
     We live amidst the sordid mess of a world gone mad...
          and a church which so many times seems to follow along.

In the midst of it all there is a sweet yet powerful Voice which calls us away from all.
    Away from all the Earthly,
          Away from all the things which distract the mind.

There is a "here" of this world, and there is a "there" of the world of  God.

     There is an invitation to come to the One Who awaits,
             to come from the shadows to the Light.
                     to come to His Presence,
                             to come to His Surrounding Love.

To come away from all else, and let our spirits find the One who is the Anwer to all of life's needs.

"Come" just to be there with Him... 
     away from all that would destroy ... 
          away to be renewed and quickened with Life and Vision within ...  
               there, is "rest unto your souls". (Mt. 11.29)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


"Oh Thou that hearest prayer, unto Thee shall all flesh come." Ps 65.2

The verse says "all flesh"...
Think of "All Flesh" not just as "all mankind."
     Think of "all flesh" as in every bit of my being ... all that I am.

Include every single atom that comprises my being...
      Include every thought, 
          every action, 
               every fear, 
                    every hope
                         and every longing.

All that I am, with all my past and all my future, is invited.
All I bring He takes and I am made welcome.

It is not a case for our human striving but of recognising that our mind cannot take us to the realm of the Spirit.
It is a coming to God with an open heart that He may do for us what we could never do for ourselves.

May He find us bringing our all before Him in longing - that as His Spirit-born creatures we may find Completion in Him.

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Day and night, night and day ... so it is in nature, and so it has been with the history of man since the time of creation.

God blesses us with a time of Light and we turn again to darkness, and day is followed by night down through the ages.

The unravelling of the world 100 years ago in the First World War was only the ending of a decay. 
The old system had reached its end and had no answers for the world around.
There was no workable replacement.
In the preceding years over half a dozen national leaders had been murdered by anarchists ...the "activists" of their time...from President McKinley in USA to Tsar Alexander the Second of Russia.
Royalty, prime ministers and presidents, fell under the onslaught in different countries.

A century later our world is in the same place - a place where there are no answers.
Darkness has descended again, and around us chaos reigns ... and our leaders find no response, no solution, no way forward.
The music of an ordered world has given place to dissonance ... clashes of conflict, without the resolution of order.

Darkness blinds us in our searching, and we are unable to find our way out, or find reason.

Only in God is there Light and without Him all must ever fall apart.
In the darkness He finds His own, and His own can find Him awaiting.
Push on, Beloved, through the darkness...He is your Light.

He rose again to bring us "out of darkness into His marvellous Light" ( 1 Peter 2.9) 
This is our Journey and this is our goal.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

He Hears

O Thou that hearest prayer, to Thee shall all flesh come.  Ps. 65.2

He hears ... He hears ... He hears...

Say to your Soul, "Come ... come ... and come."

Come to the One Who Hears it all.
      Come to the One Who Understands it all.
            Come to the One Who Cares for it all.

Come, because in this world there is no Other.
      Come because in that coming you are Met.
            Come because in that coming you are Sure.

Come because before Him, and before His will, all things must bow.

Come because He Who was the Beginning, will also be the End.

Let the consciousness of this sink in and overwhelm you, and Worship Him for  Who He IS.