Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Kingdom Coming

"Thy Kingdom come." (Mt.6.10)

Each word of the phrase is tremendously important.

As we come to this prayer,
     the first thing we need to do is to ask God to show  us what "Thy" means -
          "Thy" - can never mean the same as "my!"

"THY" - everything else is excluded:
     It is God alone.
          It is an absolute separation unto God.
               It is an absolute dedication to God.

We cannot understand the dimension of this total separation unless God reveals it.
Our human nature is so predominant in all we think and do,
that we can only separate things if the Spirit of God quickens us to do so.

Our minds unaided cannot understand, or receive,
     the Kingdom of the One Who reigns alone.

This is a prayer of dependence.
     This is a prayer for that which alone has value. 

While I am trusting in myself I am denying God.
     Declaring my sufficiency is declaring God insufficient.
          Declaring my capability is a losing of the realm of God's supply.

The first part of the prayer says, 
"hallowed be Thy Name"...hallowed - set apart.
     It is to be removed far from every other thing.

How hard it is for man to ever fully realize what this means in his living - 
a life lived for God alone.
     Yet those who find it, find a relief,
          a rest, and a refuge from all the conflict of a fallen world.

Only the Spirit of God can reveal God,
     and show us the endless distance 
          between the highest thing we can offer and the realm of God.

          It is a letting go of all that is ours,
               and a giving all, to the One Who is All in All.


  1. Very excellent, Paul. Yes, How difficult it is for man to come to the knowledge and experience of what it's really like to be completely set apart for God's work and to be fully dependent on Him, the reason is because it's not particularly an intellectually, emotionally or materially desirable pursuit of one's life, or so we have been led to believe by western standards which usually place the self before God. As you said, these things can only be enlightened to us by God's Spirit Who alone knows how awesomely wonderful this kind of life truly is, and that this represents life as we were originally meant to live, in complete dependence upon God and in close communication with Him at all times. But once we've tasted of it, we can never go back, nor do we want to. We have a difference perspective on the meaning of life, we can let go of fear and find the refuge and rest you talked about. We become sensitive to the working of the Holy Spirit and how we are a part of His awesome plan. There is no other life that compares to this, as the Apostles well understood and was the reason they continued to move forward in the things of God, despite all the persecutions and hardships they endured. Spiritual rewards are without equivalencies in the natural world, include rest, refuge and relief, as you said, but also include the joy of the Lord, without which we would have little strength to pursue the sometimes painful tests of being separated from earthly attachments so that we can come into the realm of God. (I get long-winded late at night, I hope I made sense). God bless, Paul. I always enjoy spiritual thoughts put to excellent writing. The Spirit is with you, My Brother!)