Friday, January 24, 2020

The Task

I'm stuck. There is a word we use here, and I can't find an exact translation.
The word is "Tramite." 
"Tramite" is the procedure necessary in order to attain to a result.

I was impressed today with the fact that in my facing of the challenges of life the result has not to do with the visible things themselves 
          but with the invisible barriers which hinder accomplishment.

And so my task (tramite) has to do with the One Who disposes all things in heaven and earth.
     Nothing more and nothing less.

But it is not merely today's challenges which find their solution in God,
it is all the battles, all the wearing trials, of all my life.

In every circumstance of every day of my life, throughout the years,
     God holds the key, God disposes the results.
          All my dealings are with God

In short: All life's Answers are found in God.

The first verse of an old hymn says:
     Pray always pray;
     the Holy Spirit pleads
     within thee all thy daily,
     hourly needs.

And the last verse says:
     All earthly things  
     with earth 
     shall fade away;
     pray, always pray.

All that is earthly is but for a moment,
and only as we are able to see beyond that which surrounds us 
can we understand the true value of things,
can we begin to understand the heavenly realm.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood" says the apostle. (Eph 6.12)
     And so all through our years, 
           we find life in the measure in which we find of God.