Wednesday, September 11, 2019

In Earth ... In Heaven

I wonder how we see the relationship between earth and heaven?
I wonder how God sees the relationship between earth and heaven?

What did Jesus mean when He taught His disciples to pray,
 "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven"? (Mat. 6.10)
Was it principally about the restoring of the right relation between earth and heaven?
I think it was - 
whatever it means for us as individuals and our own particular circumstances,
     and whatever it means for a church, or a nation,
         these are only parts of a greater whole.

Creation groans, the universe groans, for something which has been broken.
And this will never be restored until the Kingdom of God comes in earth as in heaven.
The prayer is for the manifestation of the glory of God; that once again the earth be "filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea." (Hab. 2.14)
Someone once said that he would wish, even just once before he died, to pray  the Lord's prayer as it really is.
I see what he meant ... to be able to understand and add his voice to that prayer.

 For beyond the wrong and the hurt, 
     is the yearning for the rightness,
          the completion, the restoration.
               It is the bringing again of all which has been lost.
                    it is the glory of a creation - where all is made new, 
                         and imperfections never enter more.

This is what God sets before us also: 
     to feel within ourselves the weight of the hurt of the wrong of this 
     world which surrounds us,
          and to bear this weight, with Him,
               until the glory comes and fills this empty hurting space.


  1. I, too, often think about this prayer and what it means. When I realize that it was directed toward His disciples and not to anyone else, not to the world at large, nor refer to a future event, it immediately takes on a personal meaning for me. This prayer can ONLY be prayed by those who wish to follow Jesus completely, because in fact, no one else wants or is able to do the will of God on the earth except those who have the Spirit of God in them. In heaven, everyone (and every Being) is doing the will of the Father and that is the distinguishing factor that separates heaven from everywhere else. (We know that God's will is not being done on the earth for the most part, and certainly is not being done in hell.) As one of Christ's disciples, when we pray "God's Will be done on earth," we immediately put ourselves in a position to actually do the will of God on the earth, and we will soon find ourselves having different life goals, different priorities, and different lifestyles that we did before we prayed this prayer, and will also distinguish ourselves from those in the world who don't pray this prayer. With Jesus backing up this prayer to the Father with the power of His Name, together with our will to do His will, we cannot fail to fulfill what Jesus had in mind when he taught His disciples to pray this powerful prayer to the Father.