Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Can we...?

"Behold, I make all things New."

     Can we see it?
          Can we begin to comprehend what it entails?

It is the outworking of a process which began in the Garden of Eden.
It is God taking back what was lost.

It is a restoration in order to form something Unbroken, Undestroyed ... something which is what He wants it to be.

It is a constant, unceasing flow of the Spirit of God overcoming all obstacles
and defeating all enemies.

The word says "all" and He would guide our spirits in all the areas of our lives.
He would show us that "all" means ... here, and here, and here.
"All" means each area which is broken, incomplete,  and incapable of sight or faith.

The question is how far will we follow?
How committed are we to lay aside the weights of life and press on through the confusion without and within, until we reach the realm where God's new creation fills all our horizons?

The rolled back stone in the garden at Easter opens before us a new world.
Old things are passed away and they will never come back.

This is the truth as it is in Him ... let us raise our eyes to "all," and reach out in faith and take it from His hand, a new and living way for the days and years of our lives.

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